Teen Mom The Next Chapter: Catelynn Lowell’s reaction to discovering Briana DeJesus’s secret boyfriend: shock

On the October 18 episode of “Teen Mom The Next Chapter,” Briana DeJesus introduced her new lover, who is someone her co-stars previously knew.

In the October 18 episode of Teen Mom The Next Chapter, Briana DeJesus mimicked Whitney Houston by saying she’s been secretly dating a bodyguard, to the dismay of her other cast members. The bodyguard isn’t just any old guy, however; it’s Catelynn Lowell’s own personal security detail!

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He goes by the name of Bobby Scott, and Briana revealed his identity after returning from Amber Portwood’s birthday trip with the rest of the cast. The cast of Teen Mom: Family Reunion was thrilled for Briana, but no one was more shocked than Catelynn, who had previously stated that Bobby served as her bodyguard. Briana said that she saw him on the set for the program and made a pass at him right away.

Teen Mom The Next Chapter: Luckily, he felt the same way, and the two of them are now an item. She even went to Detroit to visit him and go to a concert with him, but her mother warned her against becoming too serious too soon. Considering Bobby is 42 and Briana is just 28, that’s a big difference.

All the women found out that Roe v. Wade was being overturned during this episode, and they coped with the news in their unique ways. However, this meant that Maci Bookout had to broach the topic of a vasectomy with her husband, Taylor McKinney. She had earlier requested that he get one, but they delayed doing so.

Her current method of birth control is about to expire, and she is concerned that her PCOS might have a severe impact on any future pregnancies. For the most part, if abortions are outlawed. Taylor contacted Tyler Baltierra, who had just gotten one, in order to make light of the experience. Taylor, like Tyler, was shocked to learn that the vas deferens would be burned during the treatment.

Trailer for “Creed III” features Michael B. Jordan returning to the boxing ring to face Jonathan Majors.

Ashley Jones later said that she was considering nursing school in Las Vegas, but was hesitant to enroll because she worried that Bar Smith’s sobriety would be jeopardized by the city’s drinking culture. He promised that they could move to Las Vegas when she was admitted to nursing school, so it seems like they’re making the move.

Cheyenne Floyd, meantime, has been coping with the fallout from the tragedy and has come clean about the fact that she requires reconstructive plastic surgery. She was upset because the procedure was delayed due to food sickness suffered by her doctor. Besides, she didn’t want it to detract from the bachelorette party that her friends had already planned and paid for.

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