Ghosted Movie Release Date, Cast And Trailer Reveal

Ghosted Movie

Ghosted Movie Release Date:- In one form or another, most of us have probably experienced being the “ghost” or the “ghost” in a social engagement. The recipient of a “ghost” is usually perplexed by the lack of follow-up communication after what appeared to be a successful date. Another possibility is that they are a highly … Read more

It was 2018 when Matthew Perry said he was almost dead from his addiction.

Matthew Perry News

Due to his battles with alcoholism and opiate addiction, “Friends” actor Matthew Perry has spoken publicly about his near-death experience from years ago.

Matthew Perry, 53, says he was given a 2% chance of life in 2018 during a prolonged hospital stay, according to an interview he gave People magazine for its cover story. An actor’s publicist at the time said the actor suffered a stomach perforation.

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A Likeness to Teresa, According to ‘La Reina del Sur’s’ Kate del Castillo “I Can’t Tell If That’s Good or Bad” [Exclusive]

La Reina del Sur

Similarities between Kate del Castillo and Teresa Mendoza, her role in the Telemundo/Netflix series La Reina del Sur, were cited by the actress playing Mendoza.

In the story about a lady who falls in love with a pilot working for the Mexican drug cartel, Teresa is a rebellious and powerful character who frequently resorts to her strength merely to live. After witnessing the execution of her lover, Teresa finds herself the subject of a sequence of events that will inevitably alter her personality.

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After a long career in professional wrestling, Dalton Castle reflects on an ironic incident from his early days.

Dalton Castle Story

Alison Rosen’s podcast, “Is Your New Best Friend?” included an interview with Dalton Castle.

An old match from a “Stop The Violence” event was brought up in conversation, as the former ROH Champion who will face Chris Jericho for the championship on tonight’s AEW Dynamite is set to defend his title against Jericho.

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Teen Mom The Next Chapter: Catelynn Lowell’s reaction to discovering Briana DeJesus’s secret boyfriend: shock

Teen Mom The Next Chapter

On the October 18 episode of “Teen Mom The Next Chapter,” Briana DeJesus introduced her new lover, who is someone her co-stars previously knew.

In the October 18 episode of Teen Mom The Next Chapter, Briana DeJesus mimicked Whitney Houston by saying she’s been secretly dating a bodyguard, to the dismay of her other cast members. The bodyguard isn’t just any old guy, however; it’s Catelynn Lowell’s own personal security detail!

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Real-Life Scandals Movies: Hollywood Films That Were Overshadowed

Real-Life Scandal Movies

Real-Life Scandals Movies: Olivia Wilde’s sophomore directorial effort, “Don’t Worry Darling,” has stood out from the rest of 2022’s releases due to the seemingly endless controversy surrounding it. The film’s backstage drama first surfaced not long before its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September 2022, and some of the cast’s strange behavior during the premiere and press junket only added fuel to the fire.

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