The Ghosts star Utkarsh Ambudkar is planning Backyard party for his family with Secret Celebrity Renovation!

For the next episode of Secret Celebrity Renovation, Ghosts actor Utkarsh Ambudkar plans to remodel his garden as a surprise for his parents, Indu Ambudkar and Suresh V. Ambudkar.

His father has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and is now the Deputy Chief of the Laboratory of Cell Biology at the National Cancer Institute.

In this week’s episode of Secret Celebrity Renovation, Utkarsh Ambudkar, designer Sabrina Soto, and resident contractor Boston Rob Mariano will take on the task of renovating his parents’ “haunted” property. It will premiere on CBS on Friday, August 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Utkarsh Ambudkar thanks his parents for support in Secret Celebrity Renovation


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Actor Utkarsh Ambudkar will return to his Maryland home on the upcoming episode of Secret Celebrity Renovation to surprise his parents, Indu and Suresh, with a new “whole deck.” Read on for a preview of the next exciting episode!

“Actor Utkarsh Ambudkar visits his parents in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and helps them remodel the house so they can host their huge extended family in style.”

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During his trip, the actor thinks about how he might repay his parents for putting their own ambitions on hold to help him achieve his.

Utkarsh Ambudkar
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He said in a 2018 interview with Stage Buddy:

“I was brought up on Bollywood musicals, and although I like them, I suppose my parents would have preferred it if I had followed in their footsteps and gotten a Ph.D. in Biochemistry instead.”

Utkarsh reflected on the way his father understood his interests and supported his pursuits, saying:

“My dad was a small-town kid who made good on his ambitions and made it to the top of his area of science. When I told him what I was passionate about, he stated he understood the struggle of building anything from the ground up.

When I was filming Basmati Blues, my parents visited, and they ended up being cast as extras in one of the scenes. My dad’s wish to star in a Bollywood film may have come true when he pushed other performers aside to ensure he got good close-ups.”

Utkarsh Ambudkar renovates his parents’ backyard on Secret Celebrity Renovation!


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Utkarsh shows Sabrina and Boston his “haunted” property and the rickety deck that needs major repairs in a preview video. Specifically, he states

“This is where I could need some assistance from your folks.”

As they prepare to tear down the deck, Boston asks Utkarsh if there is anything he would want to say to them.

“The deck may give off an eerie vibe, but be assured, and it is not haunted in any way. No ghosts have been seen in this building. Still, there are secrets hiding in the shadows.”

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To clear the deck of obstructions, they hack away at an “overgrown shrub that looks like a tree.” Even Utkarsh has “Respect for the tree that sacrificed its life for his parent’s new deck. After blaming Sabrina for the inspiration to cut down the trees, he begs them to “forgive” her.

Secret Celebrity Renovation ends with Utkarsh’s parents being blown away by the transformation of their deck. The father of two, inspired by his newly landscaped backyard, now wants to remodel his parents’ home completely.

Who is Utkarsh Ambudkar on Secret Celebrity Renovation?


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38-year-old Utkarsh was born in the United States and is of Indian ancestry. Following being born with pyloric stenosis and a heart murmur, he eventually became well after surgery.

He has been acting professionally since he was seven years old and has been in roughly fifteen films. He is well-recognized for his roles in Pitch Perfect, Blindspotting, The Mindy Project, and Laggies.

Utkarsh also sings, and his Spotify profile has been validated. Famous albums by him include Regrets, Petty, Vanity, and The Misfits EP.

He has two children with his wife, Naomi Campbell (not the model of the same name), whom he wed on September 9, 2019.