Dirty Dancing Movie Actors Which Died in Recent Years!

Dirty Dancing first hit theatres more than 35 years ago. The movie’s iconic statement, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner,” cemented its status as a timeless masterpiece. You probably still know every word of the songs included on the film’s soundtrack.

Find out what some of the stars have been doing so since their unforgettable experience on set, and mourn the passing of some you may not have realized were in Dirty Dancing.

To portray Frances “Baby” Houseman, Jennifer Grey was cast. Grey’s other major film roles were Red Dawn and Ferris Buller’s Day Off. After “Dirty Dancing,” she made a number of TV guest appearances. She was also the winner of Dancing With the Stars Season 11.

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Kelly Bishop, who played Baby’s mom Marjorie Houseman in Dirty Dancing, went on to pursue a career in acting thereafter. She originated the character of Emily Gilmore in the original Gilmore Girls series and returned to the role for the 2016 revival of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

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After playing Johnny Castle’s cousin Billy Kostecki in the film, Neal Jones went on to star in G.I. Jane, The Devil’s Advocate, and the HBO miniseries Generation Kill as Sgt. Maj. John Sixta. Jones was also a regular on the TV programs Rescue Me and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

In addition to Baby, the picture also starred Cynthia Rhodes as professional dancer Penny and Jane Brucker as Baby’s sister Lisa Houseman, both of whom have since taken a backseat to their families. Brucker is married to photographer Raul Vega and they have two kids. In the meanwhile, Rhodes was wed to the musician Richard Marx from 1989 to 2014. They’ve started a family with three kids.

Patrick Swayze who played Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle, a dancer, was portrayed by Patrick Swayze, who co-starred with Grey. After that, Swayze continued to be a mainstay of Hollywood and, with Demi Moore, appeared in yet another famous film role as Sam Wheat in Ghost.

After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, Swayze passed away on September 14, 2009. He was 57.

Max Cantor who played Robbie Gould

In the 1987 film, Max Cantor portrayed the role of waiter Robbie Gould. After filming Fear, Anxiety, and Depression, he decided to pursue a career in journalism instead of acting.

Cantor was a writer for the New York City publication The Village Voice. A heroin overdose took his life on October 31, 1991. He was 32 when we met Cantor.

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Jerry Orbach, who played Dr. Jake Houseman

A famous performer who has been acting for a long time Dr. Jake Housman, portrayed by Jerry Orbach, is none too thrilled to learn that his youngest daughter has been spending her vacation with a dancer.

Orbach is well-known for his role as NYPD Detective Lennie Briscoe on the original Law & Order, which he played from 1992 until 2004. On December 28th, 2004, he passed away from prostate cancer. The age of Orback in question was 69.

Jack Weston, who played Max Kellerman

Max Kellerman, the resort’s owner in Jack Weston’s Kellerman’s, is a fictitious character based on Weston’s character. Weston worked in the entertainment industry for 40 years. In addition, he was a Broadway star in Woody Allen’s The Floating Light Bulb, for which he was nominated for a Tony Award. The cancer lymphoma ultimately claimed Weston’s life on May 3, 1996. He was 71.

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Charles “Honi” Coles, an actor and accomplished tap dancer, played the role of Tito Suarez in a smaller capacity. He was in the picture twice: once at the beginning and once at the conclusion. Coles lost his fight with cancer on November 12, 1992, at the age of 81. After his death, he was honored with a spot in the American Tap Dance Hall of Fame the following year (2003).