Danny DeVito, Star of Little Demon, praised THIS about RRR and Bollywood.

RRR and R Rajkumar are two of the movies that Danny DeVito has seen.

The success of Batman Returns Bollywood is a big deal for Danny DeVito. You read it correctly. Not believing us? Well, he’s already stated as much in a recent media interview, when he also expressed a desire to direct a Bollywood movie if the opportunity presented itself. Just keep scrolling down for the inside scoop!

Veteran actor Danny recently lent his voice to the animated series Little Demon, and in an interview with the media, he spoke about his admiration for Bollywood and Indian film.

Danny DeVito
Pic Credit – NBC News

Veteran Actor Danny DeVito Calls SS Rajamouli’s Film ‘Great’

Danny DeVito said IndiaToday.in that he is a big fan of Bollywood and has seen films like RRR (starring Rajamouli and Shahid Kapoor) and R…Rajkumar (starring Kapoor and Akshay Kumar). The actor from “Batman Returns” recently discussed his want to star in a blockbuster Bollywood film.

He gushed, “I’m a huge Bollywood fan.” Actually, only a few days ago, I saw RRR and another one called R… Rajkumar, and they were both excellent. If I had it my way, we should surely break into a huge number next season, or whenever I can get everyone into it. We need to do Bollywood,” Lucy and Aubrey agreed with him.

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Moving on, Danny DeVito discussed the things he appreciates in Bollywood. Batman Returns’ Kevin Conroy said, “What I appreciate about Bollywood is it maintains the tale intact,” which is something else he admires about the Indian film industry. With any luck, the two main characters in a love tale will have a fight scene. Similarly to RRR, the song remains faithful to the tale even while the characters engage in combat. And that’s why I like it so much! To put it simply, I love it.


To put it simply, RRR is one of 2022’s most acclaimed films. Ram Charan, Jr. NTR, Ajay Devgn, and Alia Bhatt were all in the film, which SS Rajamouli directed. The Oscars are now being discussed as a possible award.

DeVito Danny has seen RRR and R Rajkumar, among others. What do you think of Danny DeVito’s attitude regarding Bollywood? What do you think?