Lil Tay Net Worth 2022: How a rapper’s brother used GoFundMe to battle their violent father for custody!!

Canadian YouTuber, rapper, and internet sensation Claire Eileen Qi Hope is best known for her online moniker, Lil Tay (previously Lil Gucci Taylor). Among her many infamous behaviors is bragging about her wealth and picking conflicts with well-known YouTubers.

Read on as we take a look at how much money Lil Tay has made.

Lil Tay’s Biography

Lil Tay Age

Vancouver, British Columbia is the place where Lil Tay made her entrance into the world on July 29, 2009. Christopher John Hope is the name of her dad. As reported by, her realtor’s mother Angela Tian hails from Vancouver, Canada. Since she is said to be Lil Tay’s videographer, the fact that he often shoots in empty mansions may make sense.

She always adds the location tag, “#LAhills,” to her Instagram photos, so we can assume that she is indeed living in Los Angeles.

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A few of her aliases include Lil Tay Jetski (after Lil Pump’s other stage name), Lil Tay Cosgrove (after Miranda Cosgrove), and most recently, Lil Tay Tervali.

Tay has revealed that sharing the stage with Lil Pump is her ultimate goal and that his viral hit “Gucci Gang” is her all-time favorite song. She previously used one of Pump’s aliases, “Jetski,” and considers him to be among the top rappers in the world right now.

Lil Tay Career

Tay’s Instagram account has been linked to rumors that iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove manages it. Because of this, several of her followers incorrectly assumed that Cosgrove was either her elder sister or perhaps her mother.

Social media star Woah Vicky is close with Lil Tay, even calling her “sister.” False stories circulated suggesting a relationship between the two, and even that Vicky had “adopted” Taylor.

Although Lil Tay has been mum about the identities, occupations, and origins of her parents, many are nonetheless curious about her upbringing.

The young rapper released her first single at the beginning of 2018. The trap-influenced song opens with the lyrics, “I keep a helicopter on me, f*ck that b*tch up all my diamonds on freeze.”

Lil Tay’s Net Worth 

It is speculated that Lil Tay has a $2 million fortune. She’s been a huge Tom Hanks and Lil Pump fan for a long time and loves to swim. She also looks up to Brie Larson and thinks she’s great.

Lil Tay Net Worth

How did Lil Tay get famous on social media?

The unconventional appearance of Lil Tay has become a viral sensation. In several videos, she brags about how rich she is. She started moving bricks at the tender age of six since her family was very poor (a phrase meaning selling drugs).

After that, Lil Tay got to work, and she’s now successfully established herself financially. Everything she needs now costs more than her monthly mortgage payment since she moved to the “Hollywood Hills.” She likes to show off her expensive, labeled wardrobe.

Lil Tay also likes to boast about the many cars she has and drives without a valid license. Several YouTubers have coined the moniker “Youngest Flexer of the Century” for Lil Tay. She has a reputation for being one of the most annoying and spoilt young women on the web.

Several of Lil Tay’s creations have garnered attention for their out-of-the-ordinary nature. She says that Whoa Vicky, a viral star on social media, is her foster mom, and the two are often seen together in public.

Lil Tay backlashes

When Lil Tay made this proclamation, he faced a significant reaction. YouTuber Rice Gum argued with Lil Tay after she harassed and threatened his sister on the platform. The incident between her and Bhad Bhabie of “Cash Me Outside” fame was also reported.


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Tay is known for boasting not just about her material success but also about her connections with well-known figures like Chief Keef and Jake Paul. They will be working together on a rap single, she said. Previously, she and Jake released a diss track. Rapper Lil Tay used her “Money Way” to boast about her wealth.

Over a million people followed Tay on Instagram. The account was reported and eventually closed because of the frequent use of foul language. She made a new account and kept spewing vitriol at anybody who disagreed with her. For the same reason, her Twitter account was deleted.

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Lil Tay’s Controversies

Since her parents’ custody fight in June 2018 after her GMA appearance, it has been inactive. Her previous updates were all changed with the single word “help me.”

Someone then claimed to have “taken over Tay’s account” in October of that year, posting photos and videos with long annotations, many of which discussed Tay’s father, Christopher Hope.

If the online remarks are to be believed, Tay was assaulted by Hope while living with him in 2014, prompting him to leave for Canada with his new partner. According to Tay’s anonymous account holder, Hope “often slept with other females with Tay in the same bed” and “was nude around Tay” (later discovered to be her elder brother, Jason).

Lil Tay News

Hope’s new partner’s sister reportedly “would shout at Tay and physically put her in a dark closet for hours at a time for no reason,” and he allegedly served her “terrible cuisine” for school lunches.

Hope and Lil Tay

The phrase “Assist me” might have been a reference to Hope’s plea to the court for an injunction requiring Tay to leave social media and then re-enter with him when he became famous.

Hope reflected on how she felt when she learned her sister had quit school to pursue “inappropriate actions” she worried would affect her future and present.

She never had to stay in one place for long. No incidents of abuse occurred in my household or included me. Whoever ran Instagram made a lot of false charges.

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In the rush of action that occurred at the end of 2018, personal papers were also exposed via Tay’s Instagram account. After that, Tay and her mom said they thought their account had been hacked.

Tay continued by saying that she and her mother “had to” go back to Vancouver because Hope “threatened arrest.” “ This is the first time he’s seen me in years, and it’s clear he’s just returning for the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tay’s Father?

Little Tay’s dad is Christopher John Hope.

How Old is Lil Tay?

As of May in the year 2022, Tay will be 12 years old.