A Chiara Review 2022 – Italian Mob Challenged By A Teen Girl!

A Chiara: This is a review. The Calabrian village of Jonas Carpignano serves as the setting for this Italian-language drama directed by Andrea Palladino.

A father abandons his 15-year-old daughter in Calabria, Italy. The little girl eventually comprehends why her father departed and knows she would also have to leave Calabria shortly.

A Chiara Detailed Review!

It’s refreshing to read about a Romani community and North African migrants in Jonas Carpignano’s Calabrian trilogy.

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The trilogy’s final film, A Chiara, is both the most polished and the most heartfelt of the three. With its lengthy third act, this narrative of a teenager losing his innocence remains compelling.

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A 15-year-old girl, Swamy Rotolo, portrays Chiara, who hails from Carpignano. When it comes to Italian-American writers, the tale takes a while to emerge. When Chiara hears shocking information about her estranged father, director Rotolo’s performance infuses the drama with new urgency.

What You Need to Know About “A Chiara”!

While without knowing what is going to happen at this moment, it’s still entertaining to watch.

Claudio is trying to win the hearts of his three newest daughters, but they are arguing while Carmela is out of the house doing something important for the family. Men rule the world, yet he defers women when running his household.

At Giulia’s 18th birthday celebration, Tim Curtin wanders through the crowd with his hand-held camera.

Carpignano’s trilogy shows that Gioia Tauro residents have smartphones and wear fashionable clothing, yet they still dance to Raffaella Carrà’s “Tuca Tuca,” which was released in 1971. This demonstrates that the present is inextricably bound up with the past.

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Despite Claudio’s assurances that she won the dance contest on her birthday, Giulia’s uncles discover her smoking and threaten to reveal his secret.


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Because Benh Zeitlin and Dan Romer‘s melancholy music is playing in the background, A Chiara is even more concerned.

Immediately after her father’s parked automobile explodes on the street, her mother refuses to answer queries about where he is or why he departed so abruptly.

The next day, she engages in a small chat with classmates and peruses the newspaper. According to the report, Claudio is also sought for allegedly supplying cocaine for the ‘Ndrangheta.

What is A Chiara’s backstory?

It’s clear from A Chiara’s reaction to discovering how much money her family is living on that youngsters are taught to ignore it. Giulia advises her not to bother asking questions since her mother claims she’s too young to understand.

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In the face of mounting anxiety, Chiara looks for answers. Everybody in town knows more than they’re ready to say about her discovery of a bunker with a burner phone. “Mediterranea” and “A Ciambra” cast members show up while she conducts her investigation.

Despite her absences and fights, Chiara has not received any disciplinary action.

A Chiara Review

The two of them instead learn about a program that keeps at-risk youngsters away from their families until they become 18 years old. As a result, the child will no longer share a DNA strand with mala vita. Because of its cultural context, this film is exceptional.

Tension is created in the story by the heroine of Carpignano refusing to be frightened by her kin. When she discovers how tricky her family’s business is, she bursts.

It’s no secret that Curtin has a soft spot for Rotolo’s expressive face. Carpignano’s tale dragged on for an excessive amount of time. It’s been two hours now.

A heartbreaking film. To illustrate how perplexing late adolescence may be, the film concludes with yet another 18th birthday party.

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Carpignano’s most sophisticated part, “A Chiara,” is still primitive. As a dramatic device, it adds to the director’s severe neo-realism, demonstrating his growing mastery of the medium and his commitment to the world he investigates.

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