Bastard Anime Season 2- Is Coming Back for a Season 2, this time with the Same Cast and Crew!

Bastard Anime Season 2: When can we expect Netflix to release another anime series that is earning fantastic reviews?

Bastard!! is Netflix’s most current anime series to premiere. As a manga, Dark Fantasy was the basis for Heavy Metal, which was originally published in Japan from 1988 through 2010.

As the kingdom of Meta-Villicana falls under siege by the long-dormant Anthrasax, the narrative centers on Dark Schneider, a volatile dark wizard who is summoned to the kingdom’s aid.

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While the manga adaptation is a love letter to heavy metal and Dungeons & Dragons, there is a lot more tale to be told. If Netflix decides to keep the show, would there be additional episodes?

Bastard Anime Season 2 Release Date

If you want to know all there is to know about Bastard, keep reading! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy – Part 2

Bastard Anime Season 2: Renewed Or Not?

Bastard Anime Season 2! Only 13 of the original 24 episodes of Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy have been made accessible on Netflix as of this writing. At some time in the future, there will be an additional 11 episodes.

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However, it is possible that the series will go on for longer than the 24 episodes it has already shown.

Bastard Anime Season 2: Release Date

More than a dozen new episodes of “Bastard!” This year’s slate of Netflix originals includes two of the genre’s biggest names: Heavy Metal and Dark Fantasy, both of which are slated for release at some point this year.

The streamer has not yet offered an exact release date, but we will continue to keep this page up to current with any new information that becomes available.

Bastard Anime Season 2: Who Are Coming Back In Season 2?

Bastard Anime Season 2 Cast

There are several renowned Japanese voice actors in the cast of this program, including Granrodeo singer Kisho Taniyama, who performs the Japanese dubbing voice for Fred Jones in Scooby-Doo cartoons. Kisho Taniyama is also in charge of the show.

The whole cast of Bastard’s voice performers is listed here! Dark Metal and Heavy Metal:

Kish Taniyama plays the villainous Schneider.

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This video features Tia Noto from Bastard Anime Season 2, portrayed by Tomori Kusunoki. Yoko Hiroki Yasumoto portrays Gara in the series.

Bastard Anime Season 2

Yoko Hikasa’s character, Arches Nei Kanae portrayed Lucien Renlen in the film.

Tomokazu Sugita is the actor that portrays Kall-Su.

It was written by Nao Toyama and features Sheila Tuel Meta-Villicana Yoshisugu. Matsuoka depicts Sean Kai Harn, who is performed by Ari Shizuka Ito, as Lars Ari Ozawa.

The actor who plays Di-amon is Takehito Koyasu, while the actress who plays Anthrasax is Mami Koyama.

Bryan Marchment, a 53-year-old former NHL player and scout, has died.

Bastard Season 2 Trailer

This page will be updated as soon as a new one is made available. For the time being, you may rewatch the season one trailer here.

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Bastard of a YouTube video! Netflix has added the first season of Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy to its streaming library. Memberships to Netflix start at £6.99 a month. Netflix is available on both Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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