Black Noir Death- The Boys Fans Thought Black Noir’s Death to be a Fake!

Black Noir Death: In each and every episode of The Boys since its debut in 2019, death and destruction have been recurring themes.

Since then, a great number of characters have parted ways with us. This was an exploratory season for Black Noir’s past and present, and many of them died horribly. Season 3’s ending looks to have claimed the life of Black Noir, a figure that was beloved by the audience.

It was a season of exploration for BLACK NOIR’s past and present:

Black Noir Death: The third season of The Boys featured an investigation of BLACK NOIR’s past and present. After mostly functioning as a supporting character for the show’s first two seasons, Black Noir was given multiple chances to take center stage. As further details about his mysterious past and his present situation emerged, this happened.

Black Noir

Before the Seven were established, Black Noir, whose true identity was previously unknown but later revealed to be Earving, was a member of Vought’s superhero team Payback, commanded by Soldier Boy. Carving is the true name of the character known in the comics as Black Noir.

Black Noir Death: Noir and the rest of the Payback team abandoned Soldier Boy in order to hand him up to the Russians and join a new squad under the leadership of Homelander, according to an offer offered by Stan Edgar.

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Black Noir Death: Soldier Boy gravely harms Black Noir during the combat, causing serious burns to his face and mental damage. These wounds change Black Noir into the enigmatic and deafening figure we have grown to adore.

After learning that Soldier Boy had returned to the present, Black Noir began behaving strangely. At Buster Beaver Pizza, where the cartoon mascots of the eatery appeared to him in episode 7, he tore out his tracking chip and went into hiding.


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Black Noir Death: Black Noir’s cartoon pals helped him make a choice on what to do next, and he finally decided to return to Vought Tower and try to persuade Homelander to take on Soldier Boy in the next clash.

In the Final Episode of Season 3, Black Noir Seems to Have Been Killed

Season 3 culminates with a showdown between Black Noir and Homelander in Vought Tower.

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Upon the conclusion of the last episode, Homelander confronts Black Noir about whether or not he knew that Soldier Boy was in fact his biological father. Soldier Boy turned out to be Homelander’s biological father, as he had suspected.

Despite the fact that Black Noir grins and shakes his head, he knows that Homelander has a biological father.

Homelander’s wrath at Noir’s long-term concealment of that knowledge is understandable. For his part, Homelander attacks Noir and removes some of his internal organs from him in response to his deeds.

Black Noir Death: This scene ends with Black Noir laying on the ground with blood gushing from his stomach while fake cartoon companions comfort him in his last moments.

Black Noir Death

The Boys Fans Are Sure He Is Still Alive

As soon as Black Noir looked to have died at the end of season 3 of The Boys, fans took to social media to speculate that he hadn’t really passed away after all.

Black Noir Death: Because he is popular with fans and because Vought never announced his own demise, just Meave’s, one Twitter user said, “I don’t think he’s dead; they’ll bring him back.”

Like one fan put it, “Vought never proclaimed his death as they did for Maeve,” so they still have hope. Vought may be planning to use a Homelander clone in the suit to mask the fact that Noir has been assassinated in the original. “We’ll see what happens,” says the expert.

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Like one fan put it, “He’s certainly coming back,” and that he is “probably going to go after Homelander as he did in the comics. ”

Black Noir Death: Some fans believe that Noir will return in season 4 to join Butcher’s band of outlaws and learn sign language from Kimiko, whereas I believe the opposite: “Remember when Noir got a full front blast from a terrorist sure who had the capacity to explode and he walked away like it was nothing with half a face.”

Black Noir Death

Black Noir Death: Lastly, this admirer has come to terms with Black Noir’s demise and wishes him peace in his eternal rest with the words, “May his cartoon friends soothe him.” I was heartbroken to see him leave.

It’s vital to remember that Black Noir has the ability to heal himself, which is one of his talents. It is possible that he will heal, despite the fact that it will take time, given that we have seen him survive a wide range of serious wounds up to this point.

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Black Noir Death: Furthermore, in the comics, Black Noir is revealed to be a clone of Homelander, who goes on to assassinate the leader of the Seven, thus it’s possible that Vought is trying to cover up Noir’s death as he tries to cover up the death of Noir. Furthermore, Homelander is shown to be Black Noir’s father in The Boys comics.

The complete third season of The Boys will be available on Amazon Prime Video when the season 3 finale airs on July 8, 2022.

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