Remarriage & Desires Release Date – Is this Web Series Coming to Netflix?

“Remarriage & Desires” Season 1 features Kim Hee-sun as the protagonist, Lee Hyon-Wook as the narrator, and Park Hoon as the antagonist.

On Friday, July 15th, 2022, the Netflix original series will be available to watch throughout the world on Netflix.

At the time, the concert was one of the most anticipated, and the trailer piqued the audience’s interest miles and steps above the rest of the spectators.

When Can You Expect To See Remarriage & Desires In Theaters?

Since the announcement of its production and the appearance of the mystery, the program has quickly become a topic of conversation among fans of Korean dramas. In addition, as the delivery date approaches, the standby situation is becoming increasingly difficult.

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This series reflects the definition of Korean culture through a lack of desire. People with a strong desire to elevate their social standing through marriage to someone of a higher social class are drawn to Rex’s matching agency, where he specializes in helping those at the top of the social ladder. In addition, it examines the links between the super-wealthy and the organizations that collaborate with them. They’re looking for someone in the exclusive “Black” group, which includes the wealthiest 0.001% of the population.

Remarriage & Desires News The K-drama business has another type of program in its repertoire: Remarriage & Desires. Lee Geun Young wrote it. As always, this presentation will shed light on the current state of society, both in Korea and throughout the globe.

Retaliation against the legal counselor who pushed her better half to the edge of death is at the heart of the drama, which centers on Seo Hye-Seung. Currently, she’s ready to make Jin Yoo-hee pay for all she’s endured and lost, including the billionaire she needs to marry. She joins ‘Rex,’ a match-making business, to carry out her meticulously planned revenge plan. To be clear, the program is a spoof of South Korean high society families that view relationships as nothing more than business alliances and the operation of the match-making industry. In Remarriage & Desires, three solid female leaders are determined to see the plan through to the end without fail.

The Netflix premiere date for Remarriage & Desires has been announced.

The official trailer for the highly anticipated Netflix Korean program “Remarriage & Desires” has been released. On Friday, July 15th, 2022, the Netflix original series will be available to watch throughout the world on Netflix. At the time, the concert was one of the most anticipated, and the trailer piqued the audience’s interest miles and steps above the rest of the spectators.

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The most memorable first season of Remarriage & Desires, revenge, desire, and parody-based sitcom, is currently available on Netflix. The first season of Netflix’s Remarriage & Desires will premiere on July 15th, 2022.

Remarriage Desires Plot

The trailer has proactively begun numerous pieces of rumors, guesses, and energy sensations, so fans can never again keep up with their comprehension. In addition, the number of episodes in the entire series has been confirmed to be eight. In addition, each episode will be approximately an hour long in duration.

This is the cast of “Remarriage and Desires.”

Remarriage & Desires, a South Korean TV series directed by Kim Jeong-min. Lee Geun-Yeong is the author of the series’ plot. Image9Tiger and Tiger Studio are also responsible for their creation.

Netflix K-cast Drama and characters are –

  • Seo Hye-Seung, played by Kim Hee-sun, is a typical Gangnam housewife from the upper working class.
  • He plays Lee Hyeong-Joo, the head of a non-profit organization, in Lee Hyun-role. Wook’s
  • Jin Yoo-hee, played by Jung Yoo-jin, is a legal advisor at a large firm with aspirations to get to the top.

Remarriage Desires Cast

  • In the role of Choi Yoo-seon, Cha Ji-Yeon takes on the persona of a representative of Rex, the nation’s premier marriage bureau.
  • Playing Choi Yoo Sun, a teacher embroiled with Choi Yooseon over his father’s enormous riches, and Park Hoon portrays the character.
  • Host: Lady Jane Kim Sa-Kwon Lady Jane
  • In Korean, Kim Mi-Kyung, Mom of Lee Hyeong-Joo
  • In the person of Kim Yoon-Seo
  • Dong Doo-Seok Lee
  • Yong Mal-bok and Woo Woo-hyuk

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Remarrying and Having Desires Plot

Residents of the higher echelons of society are well taken care of by the singular matching authority known only as “Rex.” To reposition themselves in society, members of the matching agency attempt to marry into the ranks of world-class people, particularly those who fall under the “Black” category, a group of just 0.001 percent of the population.

Remarriage Desires Story

The trailer for Remarriage & Desires Remarriage & Desires takes a good look at how desire and aspiration may spiral out of control when acted upon dishonestly. On July 15th, 2022, this irrational, sarcastic series will be made available to the northern 190 nations of the world via Netflix.

Remarried and Desires, a Korean-language series on Netflix, has received a new teaser.


The trailer of Remarriage and Desires shows the audience that marriage is a commercial aspect managed by a partnership named Rex, which is depicted in the trailer. The entire clip is filled with the energy of the popular Korean television series “Penthouse,” perhaps even more so, with the themes of power, selling out, competition, and revenge at work. Squid Game, a popular k-drama series, is a beautiful example of how Netflix can appeal to both traditional Netflix viewers and k-show enthusiasts with its 8-episode limited format and industrialized treatment. In addition to boasting a star-studded cast, the play also promises to deliver a spine-tingling performance.

The teaser captures the desires of those who want to marry for money and the threat of punishment that lurks just beneath the surface. To find a suitable match for the affluent Lee Hyung Joo (played by Lee Hyun Wook), the matching agency Rex’s CEO Choi Yoo Seon (Cha Ji Yeon) devises an elaborate plan.

Upon meeting Jin Yoo Hee (Jung Yoo Jin) at Rex, Seo Hye Seung (Kim Hee Sun) finds that she is looking for a “Black” level suitor to marry her. To retaliate against Hye Seung for wrecking her daily life, she seeks to marry someone of a similar social status. Her most unforgettable love is another dark-level character, Cha Seok Jin (Park Hoon), who’s also the stepmother of the organization’s CEO.

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