Harley Quinn Season 3- Date of Publication, Preview, and Current Information

Harley Quinn Season 3 will soon be here! A new teaser trailer and a release date have been confirmed by HBO Max. How long DC will let this crazy series run is the main question. Harley Quinn, the crazy cartoon series, gets attention for a potential sequence that DC attempted to prohibit, even though it perfectly fits. The third season of Harley Quinn will premiere on July 28.

Since we finished binge-watching the first two parts of HBO Max’s Harley Quinn, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the rest of the season. Harley and Mr. J get back together, but Ms. Quinn has to go through a series of tests to become a supervillain in Gotham City.

harley quinn season 3 Release Date

All of your favorite Gotham regulars make an appearance, but they’re playing roles that are wildly off-kilter compared to their comic book counterparts. Commissioner Gordon sticks out among the many questions we have about Bane. The following is what we currently know about Harley Quinn Season 3: HBO Max subscribers won’t want to miss this one.

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Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date 

July 28 is the release date for the Harley Quinn Season 3. The first trailer, published in June, revealed this information.

When a fan inquired about the release date, the producer, Patrick Schumacker, hinted that it will be in the summer. According to his post, “I do know the release date, but I’m not entitled to reveal.” It will be in the span of years that rhyme with ‘Schummer.'”

harley quinn season 3 News

San Diego Comic-Con attendees will be able to watch the first two episodes in advance. On the 28th of July, the first three episodes of this season will be released to the public. Every Thursday at midnight, a new episode will be made available on the platform. Season 3’s climax might be ready before the show’s third anniversary, which falls on September 15th this year.

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There are 10 episodes in the third season of Harley Quinn and they each clock in at 23 minutes long. There is no doubt that the intended audience will get the most out of their HBO Max membership.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Teaser

The third season of Harley Quinn has yet to receive a trailer or any other type of media. The first teaser should appear shortly if the late-2021 indicated above/early-2022 forecast holds true.


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DC FanDome taking happen on October 16, 2021; it’s a great time and venue to release a new trailer for Harley Quinn season 3 or show off new footage. It’s just a matter of time before the much-anticipated debut trailer is released to the eagerly anticipating public.

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Harley Quinn Season 3 Cast

This time around, Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory, The Flight Attendant) will voice the title character. As part of an all-star ensemble, she will be joined by Doctor Psycho’s Tony Hale, Poison Ivy’s Lake Bell, King Shark’s Ron Funches, Jason Alexander‘s Sy Borgman, and Joker’s Alan Tudyk.

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