Clerks 3 Trailer Details – Trailer Revealed Ben Affleck Cameo With Some Others!

Kevin Smith’s semi-autobiographical Clerks 3, which premiered in 1994, will be reissued on September 13. For the first time in his career, Kevin Smith has returned to the convenience store where his career started.

It has been more than a decade since the original Clerks III trailer was released, and Kevin Smith has gone absolutely meta for his moving sequel.

Clerks 3 Trailer Breakdown

Clerks 3 Release Date

However, Randal had recently suffered a devastating heart attack, therefore the movie begins 15 years after Randal and Dante decided to buy the Quick Stop and the video shop adjacent in order to revive their lives. After finding a new lease on life, Randal persuades his friends to join him in making a movie about their experiences working at a convenience store.

The first look of the film shows how the director’s own life and that of his New Jersey register jockey will once again intertwine. You can count on Ben Affleck to make an appearance.

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Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran reprise their roles as Randal and Dante in Clerks III, along with Rosario Dawson, Trevor Fehrman, Jason Mewes, and Kevin Smith as Jay and Silent Bob.

For the past 10 years, Smith has dedicated his life to achieving this aim. The filmmaker first revealed in 2013 that he was working on a drastically altered and far darker version of Clerk 3.

That recurrence was quashed after Smith’s public heart attack in 2018. There were changes made to Page 1 of the movie after that near-death episode, and Randall, the Quick Stop cashier who is now always amusing, was included on the new Page 1. (Jeff Anderson).

Clerks 3 Cast

Much to his patient buddy Dante’s dismay, resolve to carry on with his feature filmmaking objectives after recovering from a heart arrest.

Following a rethinking of the original plan, the first trailer for Clerks 3 has been released ahead of schedule despite production wrapping up in August.

Video footage from Kevin Smith’s emotive and fully meta sequel may be seen as Randal works on a film based on his and Dante’s life. A number of familiar faces, such as Ben Affleck and Justin Long, are also back.

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There’s a metaplot twist and Ben Affleck makes an appearance in the first teaser for Kevin Smith’s highly anticipated sequel “Clerks 3.” Smith drew inspiration from his own near-death experience for “Clerks 3,” which contains a number of well-known personalities.

Lionsgate has released the official Clerks 3 trailer just months before the film’s release date.

The first trailer for Clerks 3 was released a month later than originally expected by the film’s writer, director, and star.

Clerks 3

The trailer release is expected to be an exciting peek at Smith and Dante’s dramatic and meta sequel, in which Randal and Dante recreate key passages from the first Clerks film in black-and-white, just like Smith did with his directorial debut.

Although Dante was slain by a thief and was universally panned for being overly dismal, the Clerks III trailer makes fun of Smith’s original Clerks conclusion. Dante makes a joke about his own demise in this clip.

Randall intends to make a film about clerks, Clerk 3, which includes multiple references to the original Clerks, as a meta-comment on their inception.

It’s not the only well-known actor who has been cast in a film role: Fred Armisen, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Justin Long are all well-known actors who have been placed in film parts.

However, Jason Mewes and Smith’s roles as heterosexual couple Jay and Silent Bob are also included.

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