Making the Cut Season 3 – Our Guide to Watch Episode 3 “Fashion is Cruel”!

As of the second episode of “Making the Cut,” eight designers remained in the running to become the next great global brand: Curtis Cassell, Rafael Chaouiche, Georgia Hardinge, Sienna Li, Jeanette Limas, Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert, Gabriella Meyer, and Yannik Zamboni.

Ciara Chyanne Morgan was eliminated for wearing activewear to the office, which led to her elimination. Who maintained their sizzling form in the Amazon Prime original series “Winter Wear,” which launched on August 26?


The designers had an easy assignment this week: develop a two-piece winter clothing collection consisting of a high-fashion runway appearance and a more approachable style that could be offered in Amazon’s “Making the Cut” online shop if they were the winner. Things get complicated here: they only have one day to finish the assignment.

The time allotted for each successive task has been halved, from two weeks for the first assignment, two days for the second, and finally, to a single day for the third. If this trend continues, the last challenge of the season will be to create an entire collection in 30 minutes or less in exchange for free pizza.

First Day at Making the Cut!

Except for a select handful, most designers have a good notion of where they stand compared to the other participants at this point in the competition.

Even though no news is good news (Georgia, Gabriella, and Yannik had made it thus far without incident), at this point, they had received no input from the judges that may help them improve their performance.

The judges’ comments on the submissions. How should they support their weight? What, more crucially, should they avoid leaning toward?

Making the Cut Plot
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Yet Yannik was sure of his success. The Swiss fashion designer’s environment was ideal for creating winter apparel: chilly and rainy. In this episode, we received a profile of the eccentric fashion maestro, who said, “I was always an oddball,” despite belonging to more conventional society. He posed for several photographs, and he did look good in them.

Yannik was not content to be “beautiful,” so he embraced extreme measures like getting tattoos and dying his hair.

He strives for an edge and drama in everything he does, including his designs and how he dresses his models. Since the beginning of the season, Yannik has been one of my favorite designers, and that hasn’t changed.

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On the other hand, Jeanette was coming off a bottom-two result in which she had to beg the judges to keep her in the competition (albeit Heidi still appeared to want her to leave). She was able to pull from a few different sources for her project.

Nicole Richie‘s “goddess” appearance in a gold Oscar de la Renta dress from “Activewear Champions” and her own experience in draping cloth come to mind immediately.

According to Jeanette’s bio, her drape results from her family’s financial situation. She learned to drape using curtains since her family emigrated from the Dominican Republic to the United States when she was a little kid, and they were poor.

‘Making the Cut’ spoilers: Who was eliminated, when, and why in season 3?

Making the Cut News
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Tim praised Jeanette’s fabric choice, calling it “amazing,” but the fabric made such a bold statement that Jeanette now faced the challenge of finding a design that did the cloth justice. Jeanette thus decided to use a different cloth. When Tim pointed out that Georgia’s black-and-orange color scheme evoked Halloween, she also abandoned that option.

On the other hand, Tim was captivated by Yannik’s nebulous concept of a blanket. And Markantoine’s appearance reminded him favorably of the Pope. This episode wasn’t the only one where we received cryptic, roundabout comments like this one.In a way, I find it appealing. The fashion world would be better off if Tim and the judges shared their appreciation for the bizarre and odd by describing them in equally bizarre terms.

Day of the Fashion Show

It had been a spectacular and hectic morning. Curtis controlled his apprehension and attempted gradual progress. Gabriella, meantime, was running up and down the hallways in an attempt to finish her makeover.

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Jeanette spoke deeply with her parents on the phone; her father had instilled in her the desire to excel in every endeavor she took on, from fashion designer to floor sweeper.

But then Rafael handed us our first (and maybe only) hospitalization of the season when he accidentally stabbed his finger with a sewing machine needle. Judging from his response and the producers’ reactions, the needle went relatively deep, and the thread was trapped there, too (shudder>).

Producers demanded he go to the hospital immediately, but he insisted on getting his model clothed first with his quickly wrapped finger.

Luckily his job was done save for that and whatever final touch he could have been working on at the sewing machine, so after some more hurried cajoling from the staff, he was in a vehicle and headed to the emergency hospital.

It was time for the fashion show, which took place in a well-lit studio with paper lanterns of all sizes floating about the room like an attractive solar system.

Guest judge Jason Bolden, a Hollywood stylist whose clientele includes Yara Shahidi, Michael B. Jordan, and Angelina Jolie, joined Heidi and regular judges Jeremy Scott and Nicole Richie for this task.

And the first designer they targeted, Jeanette, was instantly an impossible act to follow. Her “Winter Wear” collections were dramatic and “fantastic” after she was almost eliminated in “Activewear,” thanks to an approachable appearance that was both traditional and current. There is no doubt that switching fabrics were successful.

His excellent appearance piqued Heidi’s interest in Rafael. Nicole feels that Rafael’s designs have a “nice Disney villain” feel. On the other hand, Heidi feels that there should be more drama in the otherwise approachable outfit.

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Curtis’s shapes aren’t impressed by the judges, and his designers don’t seem very cutting-edge or urgent. Gabriella’s ski look had back, but now the proportions were incorrect, the ribbon was shoddy looking, and the hue pink made Jason queasy.There was a hint of uncertainty in Markantoine’s gaze. His runway outfit was beautiful in fabric and color, but the average shopper would not know where to begin with his accessible collection.

Again, Sienna was a success because of her “beautiful cloud” aesthetic and the approachability of her coat’s design. While Jeanette’s fabric switch paid off, Georgia’s undoubtedly did not, since her new dress was almost identical to the one she showed in “Evening Wear.”

Making the Cut Cast
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Her glamorous, approachable appearance helped make up for her shortcomings, but would it have been enough to keep her job? Again, Yannik’s final looks were utterly alien, but the judges praised his collection for its wearability and fresh perspective.

The judges discussed what to do with Georgia (who kept repeating herself), Curtis (who fumbled the ball), and Gabriella (who didn’t thrill them) after the program ended. Heidi pondered whether or whether they should fire two designers at once. As the guest judge said, “Wow, you guys are savages,” Jeremy retorted, “Fashion is brutal.”

Judging the “Making the Cut”!

Gabriella was the first to receive her evaluation, a reversal from prior weeks when the top designers were brought up first.

Based on what the judges had stated earlier in the program, I anticipated that she would get a harsh assessment but would be given a severe warning and go on to the next round.

In the end, she didn’t have a terrible appearance. Not so. Sadly, Gabriella was the first to be eliminated.

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Curtis came up next, and when the judges criticized his repeated silhouettes, he saw the writing on the wall.

For Jeremy’s part, he felt particularly betrayed by Curtis, so the latter eventually began pleading with them to let him live. He assured them that he would make better choices this time and that they would be glad they gave him another opportunity.

That led to a reversal of opinion on Jason’s part (he voted to keep him in), no change of heart on Nicole’s part (she wanted him to remain anyhow), and a reversal of opinion on (voted to keep him in). Heidi said she was just voted down, which did not change the fact that she still wanted Curtis gone. There are trials in Westeros less complicated than this.

Critiques were delivered to Georgia, and I began to wonder whether Curtis’s good fortune may ultimately prove her undoing. But I was pleasantly surprised by how good her comments were overall. Even though Heidi had worn the same gold dress in the pilot episode, she deemed this version an upgrade.

Making the Cut 2022
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The panelists adored her approachable style, which Nicole dubbed “very c*nty Aspen” (which Heidi kindly translated as “rich bitch”). Now might be a good moment to create a supercut of Nicole’s witticisms if someone hasn’t already. That means Georgia cut, but she should probably put away the gold dress.

The reports back home were all positive. Yannik’s first collection stole the show, and his second wasn’t dull. Thus he was one of the top two designers. Jason found him inspiring and thought he would change the fashion industry for the better.

However, when you were beginning to think he had a shot at victory, here comes Jeanette, who has garnered some of the most acclaims of any designer this season. Her features were deemed “gorgeous,” “breathtaking,” and “inspiring,” It was precisely what Jeremy looked for from a two-piece collection.

Not that there was any question, but Jeanette got the job (watch our interview with her below). Were you pleased with the final result? Please participate in our polls by selecting the choice below.

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