Luis Figo looked 40 his whole life – Fans Got Confused by His Teenage Pic!

Netflix documentary of Luis Figo mystified Some viewers by his appearance, saying he “looked 40 all his life, even in his teens.”

An image of a young Luis Figo “who has looked 40 all of his life” has perplexed football fans.

Fans of the documentary about the former Real Madrid player loved the subject but couldn’t get past his unattractive appearance. Fans joked that Figo looked too old for his age because of his ‘bullish’ face and long hair when he was young.

While watching the Netflix documentary about Figo, one viewer joked, “Figo has looked 40 years old his whole life.” The photo in question was of Figo playing for Sporting Lisbon.

The same supporter said: “This is my all-time favorite Figo photo. He could easily pass for a reporter from the Day Today.”

‘He was walking into bars and nightclubs during his mid-teens,’ a second person chimed in.

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And a third cracked a joke: “It’s like a scene from a Ben Stiller movie where they put on a terrible wig to make him look younger. But underneath the wig, Ben is 40 years old.”

The film follows Figo as he moves from Barcelona to Real Madrid in an attempt to become the first modern Galactico for Los Blancos.

Luis Figo Age

Managing Director of Documentaries at Pitch, Max Dobbyn, said this to Broadcast: “You won’t find a more complete or authoritative account of the most contentious and explosive transfer in human history than this one.

“We think El Caso Figo is exceptional because it says something new about the state of sports documentaries and isn’t just a biography or history of a famous athlete.

While the film doesn’t spend much time on Figo himself, it does delve into topics like truth, greed, morality, and the inner workings of the world’s most popular sport by concentrating on the transfer.”