Lance Bass and Danielle Fishel will discuss their relationship in the early 1990s, before any of them came out.

During an interview about their next prom movie, Danielle Fishel remarked, “It turns out I’m not Lance’s style.”

They’re revisiting their high school romance on the big screen: Lance Bass and Danielle Fishel.

Bass, 43, met up with Fishel, 41, on her Pod Meets World podcast with her fellow Boy Meets World alums Will Friedle and Rider Strong, and they discussed the film they are making about their high school romance and prom night.

She said, “Lance and I are really working on a movie about our love story and about our prom experience,” with Lauren Lapkus and Mary Holland composing the screenplay.

Danielle Fishel, Lance Bass
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I dated Lance for approximately a year when I was on Boy Meets World,” Fishel said for the benefit of people who may not be aware. “Lance was my prom date my final year of high school.”

Fishel said that she first met Bass when she interviewed *NSYNC for an ABC TGIF live special. Although he and she hit it off, he was too shy to ask for her number and instead let his friend Justin Timberlake do it.


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Later, during her downtime with the band, she went on tour with them and even spent the holidays with his family in Mississippi.

As Fishel put it, “Lance and I had a really great, very warm, loving relationship, but it was utterly missing intimacy — intimacy in the romantic sense.” She said, “I hung on to hope for much too long that we were going to get back together and get married and have a kid.” Evidently, I’m not Lance’s type.

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Lance Bass and Danielle Fishel Are Making a Movie About Their ’90s Relationship

Bass remembers his high school relationship as a time of self-discovery before officially coming out as homosexual in 2006.

Because “so many people can connect to that event,” he said, “we decided to adapt this prom story into a film.” Whereas, I believe that for many members of the LGBT community, prom night was the night they were like, “Oh, wait a minute. This can no longer occur. No more of this; it’s killing me.

That “first tiny straw that broke,” Bass said, “was the trigger for me that helped me start to embrace myself,” adding that it “took a long time after that.”

Lance Bass and Danielle Fishel
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Fishel said that her prom partner was unable to handle the stress of the evening’s traditional hotel stay. She reflected on the night in question, saying, “I had a vision for what that night was going to be, and Lance was extremely worried about what my vision for that night was going to be.”

That night, Fishel said, “Lance felt like he was harming me by not being honest with himself or anybody about what was going on in his life.” That’s why he finally said, “I’m going to stop our relationship,” she said.

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Two weeks later, the couple split up, with Bass blaming long distance. In the year 2000, he finally made his way to Fishel.

In the meanwhile, Bass has found love and married Michael Turchin, with whom he had 10-month-old twins, Violet Betty and Alexander James. Fishel married Jensen Karp in 2018, and they have two kids together: Adler Lawrence, 3, and Keaton Joseph, 1.