A Lion killed a guy at a zoo in Ghana.

The lion exhibit at Accra Zoo is a popular destination, and thanks to the zoo’s sturdy mesh fencing, visitors can get an up-close look at these majestic animals.

The government of Ghana issued a statement on Sunday saying that a man was killed by a lion at the Accra Zoo.

Patrolling security personnel on Sunday around midday found the victim, a middle-aged man, within the cage with a lion, lioness, and two pups.

It’s still unclear what drives him.

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The guy who had broken into the lion enclosure had been attacked and wounded by one of the lions, the state Forestry Commission said on Sunday, adding that the man had died from his injuries.

Pic Credit – NBC News

The event is being looked into by the authorities.

The statement also assured the public that the enclosure was safe and that none of the animals had escaped.

Visitors to Accra Zoo may get up close and personal with the zoo’s most popular residents—the lions—thanks to strengthened mesh netting.