JoJo Bizarre Adventure: The Next Anime Series, Stone Ocean Star, Is Almost Here! Update 2022

JoJo Bizarre Adventure News: Both Ai Fairouz and Kira Buckland share a common goal—voicing Jolyne Cujoh, the daughter of Stardust Crusader Jotaro Kujo in JoJo Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. Only a few hours remain until the anime adaptation’s return to Netflix, and the Japanese voice actor who brought Jolyne to life is already getting fans excited for the next chapter in their deadly adventure through Green Dolphin Street Penitentiary.

Unlike the Joestars we’ve seen in the past, Jolyne Cujoh doesn’t care about her deceased father, yet she still feels obligated to try to protect him from the evil plan hatched by Dio Brando in the hereafter.

JoJo Bizarre Adventure cast

Cujoh, after acquiring her own Stand in Stone Free, gains the ability to deal damage at high rates, akin to a machine gun, and the versatility to change into a stringy shape, depending on the circumstances. As Pucci’s plans are unveiled, the upcoming episodes are sure to feature some of the series’ wildest scenes to date.

Voice actress Ai Fairouz used her Official Twitter Account to get people amped up for her role as Jolyne in JoJo Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, saying, “Get thrilled with her!”

Tragically, Netflix’s Stone Ocean has had a rough go of it, with fans having to wait over a year for the first two episodes of the next season. Jolyne and the other Stand Users face an uphill battle on all fronts because many anime fans have stopped watching the show because they no longer receive new episodes on “JoJo Fridays.”

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The JoJo Bizarre Adventure fighting game is better than ever

Fans are hopeful that the wait for the next batch of episodes won’t be as long as it was for the first two, and while a third part of the recent season hasn’t been confirmed at this point, the blu-ray release hints at the concept that fresh episodes are on the way following its newest return.

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