The truth about Joe Biden’s “ENGLISH-HATING” mother and why she despised the Queen: “Don’t you bow down to her.”

When Senator Biden first met Catherine Finnegan in 1982, she warned him not to “bow down to the Queen.”

LONDON, ENGLAND: President Joe Biden, grieving with the British people, recalled his last encounter with Queen Elizabeth II and how she reminded him of his mother, Catherine Finnegan, also known as Jean. An unpleasant note was added to the analogy, however, when it was revealed that Biden’s mother had previously refused to sleep in a bed that the Queen had slept in.

On September 18, before leaving for Buckingham Palace, Vice President Biden announced through the White House website: “The intimate nature of her leaning-over touch. An expression like, “Are you okay?” was on her face. Do you need anything? I must inquire; what do you require?” She reminded him of his mother, so he told her, “Make sure you do what you’re meant to do.” “The American press is well aware of my longstanding belief that treating people with dignity is the most important issue.

Joe Biden: When the Queen reminded Joe Biden of his mother

Joe Biden with Queen

Perhaps this is overstating the case, pardon the Irish term, but I hope you’ll indulge me. I explain how my parents instilled in me the belief that everyone, regardless of who they were or where they were from, had the right to be treated with respect.” Yet another tale claims that Jean detested the United Kingdom and warned Vice President Biden not to show any respect to Queen Elizabeth II during the latter’s first introduction.

The DailyMail reports that in his biography “Promises to Keep,” Joe Biden recounts the day his mother threw a fit when he informed her he was going to see the Queen. According to the excerpt, “Don’t you bow down to her” was the first thing the author’s mother said when he informed her he was seeing the Queen of England. In 1982, while he was a Senator, he supposedly had his first meeting with the Queen.

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Joe Biden then recalled the time his Irish mother visited the United Kingdom and stayed at a hotel he said the Queen had been in. After hearing this, he said, “She was so shocked that she slept on the floor all night rather than risk sleeping on a bed that the Queen had slept on.”

British TV writer and author of “My Mess is a bit of a Life” Georgia Pritchett recalled meeting Vice President Biden at the White House. The author also said that he and his mother, who passed away in 2010, discussed how much she “hated the English” and how she had written several poems on this topic throughout her lifetime. “He went out to get them and came back with hundreds of poems expressing how God must destroy the English and pour blood on our heads,” Pritchett recalled.

Joe Biden Mother

The bed event is even addressed in her writing. In her essay, she states, “So disgusted was she by the thought of sleeping in the same bed as the Queen that she spent the night on the floor. Anyone willing to put their beliefs before a warm bed has my respect.”

Former vice president Joe Biden has said that his mother was a “formidable figure” and had a “deep” effect on his life on several occasions. As a youngster, he stuttered, but she was able to assist him out of it.