Constance Wu has accused the Fresh Off the Boat producer of sexual harassment.

Constance Wu said a top producer on her successful TV programme sexually assaulted her.

Alumni of “Fresh Off the Boat” Constance Wu, in her upcoming book, alleges that a high-ranking member of the ABC sitcom’s now-defunct production staff sexually assaulted her.

The New York Times reports that in Making a Scene, the 40-year-old actor simply uses the employee’s initials.

According to the Times, Wu claims that the guy acted controllingly during the first season of the programme by “demanding that she run all her business affairs by him and dictating her what to wear.”

Constance Wu told the magazine, “Fresh Off the Boat was my first TV programme.” I found myself suddenly immersed in it. Neither of my parents worked in the business. People assumed I was competent since I was 30 years old. As a result, I became suspicious and self-conscious.

Constance Wu claims sexual harassment from Fresh Off the Boat producer

Constance Wu claims sexual harassment

The actress who portrayed the show’s matriarch, Jessica Huang, claims that a violent altercation occurred between her and the show’s producer during a sports event. The Times claims he “put his hand on her thigh, his hand eventually brushing her crotch” there.

Constance Wu says she urged him to stop and the two of them tried to brush it under the rug.

Constance Wu explained her choice to come up about the alleged wrongdoing at a panel at Friday’s Atlantic Festival in Washington, D.C.

For the first two seasons of the programme, I suffered through a great deal of sexual harassment and intimidation, but I kept my mouth shut about it. She said that she was only able to stand up to the producer’s bullying and intimidation after the show’s first two seasons proved its financial and critical success, relieving her of the fear that she would be fired.

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“And so I figured, ‘You know what? I took care of it; no one has to know; I don’t have to tarnish this show’s or this Asian American producer’s name.

In February of 2020, after six successful seasons, Fresh Off the Boat was cancelled.

Page Six’s calls for comment from ABC were not immediately returned, and the network also refused to comment to the New York Times. Constance Wu’s representative did not comment directly on the accusation but instead recommended we read the book.

During her lengthy absence from the spotlight, Wu penned her autobiography. After receiving criticism for tweeting that the 2019 renewal of Fresh Off the Boat made her so unhappy” and “actually weeping,” she decided to take a three-year hiatus from social media.”

It took an intervention from a buddy to prevent her suicide attempt.

Constance Wu on Fresh Off the Boat

Thankfully, a buddy located me and took me to the emergency room. In a tweet from July, the Hustlers actor said, “It was a terrifying time that made me evaluate a lot of things in my life.” “I set aside my professional life for the next several years so that I could concentrate on getting my head straight. When it comes to discussing issues of mental health, AsAms are notoriously silent.

According to Constance Wu, “not always the most favourable representation of myself” may be found in her upcoming book. This, however, is “as honest as I know how to be,” she said.

And the reality is, I’m not elegant or faultless or even very poised. There are tears in my eyes. “I make mistakes…a lot of them!” she said. “I’ve been in treatment for a while and have had enough time away from Hollywood to feel ready to return on here” (at least for a little bit).

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To quote the author: “And even though I’m terrified, I’ve decided that I owe it to the me-of-3-years-ago to be bold and share my experience in the hopes that it could assist someone else with theirs.”

Having to “give up another project that I was extremely excited about,” Wu previously revealed that she had a bad response to the renewal of Fresh Off the Boat. In an interview with The Los Angeles Times published in August 2019, she further explained the motivations for her tweet by labelling herself “dramatic.”