The Marked Heart Season 2 – Why is it Not Coming to Netflix?

Although the first season of The Marked Heart has just recently debuted on television, fans are already eagerly awaiting news of the second season’s release. This drama from Colombia is full of suspense and intrigue.

We strongly advise everyone who has not seen this episode to do so immediately. Also, this post is for you if you’re interested in knowing when the second season of The Marked Heart will premiere.

The Marked Heart: Is it on Netflix?

Is The Marked Heart streaming on Netflix? Yes. Netflix provides streaming access to The Marked Heart. You can find it among the other thrillers.

Whenever The Marked Heart Season 2 airs is unknown.

There are still many loose ends in the tale up to this point, so perhaps there will be a next season to wrap things out. The Marked Heart season 2 has been in development for some time, but the production team has yet to reveal when it will be released to the public. Perhaps the program will premiere in 2023 if the production team gets to work right now.

The Marked Heart Season 2 Release Date

Can you tell me about the plot of “The Marked Heart?”

Organ harvesters killed a lady and put her heart in another one of their victims. The plot centers on the tragic loss of Simon’s wife, Valeria.

Camila, now the wife of a successful businessman, has taken possession of the heart. After Camila’s operation, she began wondering about the identity of the heart’s previous owner and their family. Simultaneously, Simon is curious about the perpetrators of his wife’s death.

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Simon and Camila both began looking for clues and eventually ran into the other. They fell in love, but their joy was short-lived once they discovered Valeria had been murdered. Each mystery was unraveled as their lives took unexpected twists and got more complex.

If there is a second season  who will be in it? (Staffing and Personality)

The Marked Heart was written and directed by Leonardo Padrón and was distributed by CMO Producciones. Although the original dialogue in this Colombian thriller drama is in Spanish, the show has been subtitled in English for Netflix fans across the world.

The Marked Heart Season 2 will include the following cast members –

Character Name Portrays By
Michel Brown Simon
Ana Lucia Dominguez Camila
Sebastian Martinez Zacarias
Margarita Munoz Valeria
Moises Arizmendi Mariachi
Valeria Emiliani Samantha
Julian Cerati Tomas
Juan Fernando Sanchez Sarmiento

Critical Assessments!

IMDb users rated The Marked Heart (under the drama category) at 6.3 out of 10, while OTTplay viewers rated it at 2.5 out of 5. Reviews indicated that the show’s ratings would be low, and the crowd seemed to agree. They gave the show high marks for its plot and acting.

The Marked Heart Season 2 Story


The premise was engaging, and the cast delivered. The dramatic presentation of a weighty topic is what makes it so interesting. That was some excellent casting. Subtle swerves and twists that keep you wondering. Some topics are explored in more detail than would be possible in a single feature film, yet that is exactly what this narrative does. The second season has to be renewed ASAP!!

How Many Episodes Does Season 2 Have?

As Season 1 of The Marked Heart premiered on April 20, 2022, and ended with the release of Episode 14, we may assume that Season 2 will likewise consist of 14 episodes.

There were 15 episodes total in the previous season.

Happiness Isn’t Forever, “The Search,” “That Heart Should Never Have Been Yours,” “The Organization,” “No Loose Ends,” “A Crucial Moment,” “Is My Husband a Killer?,” “We’re Here to Change Your Life,” “The Terrible Truth,” “Infiltration,” “La Cicatriz,” “The Confession,” “What Happened in the Last Scene,” and “The Confession” are the first, second, third,

The Marked Heart Season 2 Cast

Nearing the end of his rope, Zacarias tracked down Camila and caught video of her in another country. In the future season, this narrative might develop further.

Camila’s consideration of reconciliation with Zacarias may provide light on the state of Simon and Camila’s relationship. Instead, Camila might choose to complete her family with Simon by staying with him and his children.

Is It Worth It to See The Marked Heart?

If you like suspenseful, well-written dramas, you should check out “The Marked Heart” on Netflix. The story is engaging, there is depth to the characters, and the writing is excellent. The plot twists and turns often enough to keep the reader or viewer wondering right up to the last page. If you’re a fan of crime dramas or just want to try something different, “The Marked Heart” is a terrific choice.

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Where Can One View this Show?

Netflix is the only place to see this exclusive series. Therefore, if you have a current Netflix membership, you may view this episode for free. The performance is free of charge. It’s important to remember that not all regions will have access to this program. Find out whether this program airs in your area.

I was wondering if there will be any new information on when the second season trailer for The Marked Heart would be released.

The second season of The Marked Heart has not yet released a trailer. Keep checking back with us, however, since we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we learn more about the next season. If it becomes accessible, however, it will be posted on our site. See the preview for Season 1.

The Marked Heart Season 2 News


The Marked Heart is a fantastic film for anyone who likes suspenseful and thrilling dramas. We can’t say for sure whether it’s something you’ll like, but it’s a solid choice if you’re out of ideas.

Where can I get The Marked Heart to watch it?

The Marked Heart is available to stream on several video-streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, IMDb, and JustWatch.

How many times has The Marked Heart been broadcast?

There are 14 episodes in the first season of The Marked Heart.

And season two of The Marked Heart?

There has been no official word on whether or not The Marked Heart will return for a second season, but that doesn’t mean it won’t if the first one is successful.

The Marked Heart: Who Is Simon?

Argentine actor and musician Michel Brown portrays Simon. Presently, he clocks in at the ripe old age of 34.

Is it worthwhile to sit through The Marked Heart?

If you like mysteries and suspenseful shows, you should check this one out.