Saturday Night Live’s Hilarious Game Show Parody of Adam Levine and Armie Hammer’s Scandals

Saturday Night Live: As we’ve all learned, some celebrities just can’t seem to manage themselves when it comes to direct messages. On Saturday’s season 48 premiere, SNL made light of many high-profile sex scandals that have occurred in recent months.

Game show presenter Halen Hardy, portrayed by Miles Teller, presided over the arduous program Send Something Normal.

‘Saturday Night Live Mocks Adam Levine & Armie Hammer Scandals

You can learn the game in a few minutes. It’s very simple: we have four male celebrities competing, and all they have to do is respond normally to a woman’s Instagram direct message,” said Halen. You can win $100 million if you send a standard direct message, guys.

Armie Hammer Scandals

Adam Levine (Mikey Day), Armie Hammer (James Austin Johnson), Neil deGrasse Tyson (Kenan Thompson), and Bowen Yang (himself) were all competitors.

As the first one up, Adam had to answer a young lady who had messaged him, “Hey, Adam, tremendous fan. In awe of your tunes.

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Difficult choice. When I asked to view her most popular vacation shot, she said, Sure.” Adam shot back a response. Adam’s response was ready once he saw the bikini picture: “All good. I’ll start out with a “Holy moly!” However, I did manage to get a further trey. Saying “Holy crap! What the heck! My penis enjoys being near your body.


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So, “Okay. Please accept my apologies, Adam. “You nearly got it there,” Halen said with disappointment.

Saturday Night Live: While this was going on, Armie was tasked with replying to the message “Hey, Armie, hope you’re doing alright.”

Okay, I get that there’s been a lot written about me, but I’ve changed and I’ve put in a lot of effort. I want to tear apart your bones and suck out the marrow,” Armie said as his message.

Following Teller’s impressive comedic performance as Payton Manning in the show’s opening skit (with the aid of Jon Hamm), this sketch served as the show’s second offering.

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