“The Kings Affection” and actor Lee Sun Gyun, Nominees for the 2022 International Emmys.

Even more convincing is the fact that both the Kdrama The Kings Affection and the actor Lee Sun Gyun have been nominated for International Emmys in 2022. Talented musicians and writers have come out of South Korea, and the country’s dramas have also been critically acclaimed.

Awards for excellence in international television broadcasting will be presented at the 2022 International Emmys. In two of the categories for this year’s International Emmy Awards, presented by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, a South Korean performer is among the nominees.

The Kings Affection, starring Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon, has been nominated for an International Emmy in the category of best telenovela for the year 2022.

Lee Sun Kyun and “The Kings Affection” Receive International Emmy Awards Nominations

The Kings Affection, a Kdrama airing on KBS 2TV, is among the finalists for Best Telenovela at the 2022 International Emmy Awards. The Kings Affection, starring Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon, has dominated its weeknight slot since its premiere on October 11, 2021. Twins were considered a terrible omen during the Joseon Dynasty, the time period in which the show is set. There’s a girl twin that gets left behind due to her gender, and that’s the narrative this book recounts. Following the unjust death of her twin brother, she inherited the throne.

Lee Sun Gyun

With a 12.1% national audience, The Kings Affection made history as the first historical drama to crack Netflix’s Top 10 list of TV shows.

In addition, the main character, who was a woman but disguised as a male, defied the conventions of the typical historical drama plot by becoming king while facing tremendous obstacles. The Kings Affection writer Han Hee Jung received the 17th Seoul Drama Awards’ International Competition Writer’s Award on September 22. However, Park Eun Bin, who plays the main role, was named Best Actress at the 49th Annual Korea Broadcasting Awards.

While Yoon Jae Hyuk, the show’s executive producer, stated, “We owe this nomination to all the fans and viewers in Korea and throughout the globe who have extended their support and excitement for the series.” For the foreseeable future, we will keep pushing ourselves to create Kdramas that will move audiences.

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In addition to Nos Tempos Do Imperador from Brazil, Two Lives from Spain, and You Are My Hero from China, The Kings Affection is a finalist for Best Telenovela.

As an actor, Lee Sun Gyun has been nominated for an International Emmy in 2022.

At the 2022 International Emmys, Lee Sun Gyun is competing for the award for Best Performance by an Actor. In November of 2021, he was featured in Kim Jee Won’s Korean drama, Dr. Brain. Originally released in Korea by Hongjacga, the sci-fi thriller series is based on a webtoon of the same name.

International Emmys Awards

The series is led by Lee Sun Gyun, a brain scientist who uses telepathy to learn the truth behind the deaths of loved ones. This is Apple TV+’s first original Korean language series.

In addition to Sverrir Gudnason and Scot McNairy in Narcos: Mexico and Dougray Scott in Irvine Welsh’s Crime, Lee Sun Gyun also faces competition from them in the film En Kunglig Affär.

Meanwhile, on November 22, 2022, New York will host the presentation for the International Emmy Awards.