Keanu Reeves gets surprised by Jimmy Kimmel with old interview footage. “I had no idea”

On Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Keanu Reeves was a guest, and Kimmel played a clip from an old interview they conducted when he was promoting one of his first film appearances. The shaky clip gives the impression that Reeves is practically in awe as he describes his character.

My character is 17, but her mentality is 40, so it’s all OK, right? …Keanu Reeves said. I had to toy with the idea of being 40, which is older than I had previously thought. When you see someone who is 40, your first thought is, “You’re ancient.” Yeah, but he’s not. I mean, I was just watching Robert Urich, and he seems like a really energetic person. So I was also attempting to include it.

Jimmy Kimmel surprises Keanu Reeves with old interview footage

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Keanu Reeves said, “Wow, that was a blast from the past,” before adding, “I didn’t know you were going to do that.”

According to Reeves, the product he was advertising back then was named Young Again. As he put it, he was simply an aspiring actor attempting to get into the Hollywood industry.

As Reeves put it, “I had a connection to someone who was a manager here in the US, and I went to see an agency here in Los Angeles, and they were like, ‘It’s fantastic, but you haven’t done anything. Get busy, and then come back here. A Toronto-based agency represented me. U.S. studios were looking for Canadian material for upcoming shoots.

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Keanu Reeves said that he went on an audition and ended up working with two famous actors.

Reeves remarked, “I auditioned for this side character, but then they were like, ‘Hey, you might be the man. Someone who fits in with the group; And my reaction was, “That’s cool.” After then, it was Lindsay Wagner and Robert Urich, and…” When Kimmel tried to continue, Lindsay Wagner, Kimmel said, “Wow.” A Bionic Girl?

According to Reeves, it was this part that launched his career in Hollywood, where he went on to become a global cinema icon.

Jimmy Kimmel surprises Keanu Reeves

Reeves stated, “It was a significant break for me since it was a Movie of the Week and it was a terrific part, and it helped me get an agent in Hollywood.”

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