Season 19 premiere of Greys Anatomy: The New Class Gets Their Scrubs On, and a Shocking Derek Connection Is Revealed

The first episode of Season 19 of the long-running ABC drama Greys Anatomy aired on Thursday, and it was a real treat. The episode was full of “Aww!”-some flashbacks to the past and tantalising harbingers of the future. Two cliffhangers (the condition of Meredeth and Nick’s relationship, and Owen and Teddy’s legal troubles) were partially resolved. We met the five new surgical residents who are breathing new life into Grey Sloan.

Greys Anatomy: And we’d sprung not one, but two surprises on you, including one that was wonderfully Derek-centric. And if you continue on, we’ll summarise pretty much the whole first episode (which, by the way, was written by showrunner Krista Vernoff and directed by executive producer Debbie Allen).

Greys Anatomy: You Can Count on Me to Play the Vagina | In “Everything Has Changed,” which took place six months after the events of Season 18’s finale (recapped here), Grey Sloan began its residency programme with a group of newbs whom Bailey, who was still very much on leave, thanked very much but dismissed as having been scraped from “the bottom of the barrel.” Jules Millin (Adelaide Kane) was one of them; after having a one-night affair with a clueless Link, she laughed in his face when he anxiously proposed they report their fake relationship to human resources.

Greys Anatomy Season 19 Premiere Recap

Greys Anatomy Season 19

(This sounds like the beginning of Meredith and Derek, doesn’t it?) Another first-year, Mika Yasuda (Midori Francis), learned the hard way that even a morbid sense of humour doesn’t make “organpalooza” a fitting title for a bus disaster caused by a storm that left many individuals prepared to give organs they no longer required. Tenant Three Simone Griffith (Alexis Floyd) was late on her first day of work because she had a panic attack remembering that she would be working in the same hospital where her mother had died while giving birth to her.

A fourth newcomer, Benson Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.), said that he was given the nickname Blue “as in the ribbon ’cause I always win. Did no one else see the chemistry between him and Simone? Finally, we met Derek’s favourite nephew, Lucas Adams (Niko Terho), who has abs that would make Nico proud and is skilled at [bleeping] up. But Meredith assured Amelia that wasn’t why she hired him. In fact, more than her late husband, Greys Anatomy was reminded of her late sister-in-law Amelia when she met Lucas.

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Greys Anatomy: Levi took advantage of the restored residency programme to escape his unappealing rotation with Jo and beg Richard for promotion to the chief resident. Schmitt was exactly what Webber needed; he was a senior resident, not a first-year, and the man formerly known as Glasses vowed, “If I’m ever tempted to go soft, I will picture a return to OB, and I will get stronger like a vagina, which I’ve been forced to learn can stretch to 200 times its natural size and lift a 30-lb. weight just by flexing.”

Greys Anatomy Season 19 Premiere

Greys Anatomy: Levi only needed to obtain chief Grey’s approval, and she was so on board that she made the suggestion. In other personal news, Meredith requested her (ex?) boyfriend of six months to become the next residency director while Nick was picking up an organ for transplant at Grey Sloan. He wouldn’t have to do as much driving because of the hospital’s willingness to recruit people whom other facilities may deem “rejects” because of his background. She meant that she wanted to make their relationship work even though she’d injured him by not doing more than calling out his name after ordering him to go back to Minnesota.

Greys Anatomy: And here’s some more personal news: Teddy and Owen stopped over to see Mer and let her know they’d both been given the all-clear to return to work. Sure enough, Altman had. Hunt spent a fortune on lawyers to get him out of his legal bind, and when they were done, he was only allowed to return to work under supervision for the following six months. (His permission to practise medicine had been revoked.)

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As in, “I Want to Be a Tree” The episode concludes with Jo telling Link that she is replacing the pink scrubs in the OB department with black ones because “the female body has become a war zone in our nation and pink is a peacetime hue.” Maggie was able to assure a patient called Howard that he would be receiving a new heart since there were so many hearts available for transplant.

Greys Anatomy: Unable to make ends meet, Howard and his spouse were told by… The Pierce fanatic Jules, who was so wrapped up in an essay she had written that she blurted out, “that wasn’t a fantastic photo,” has been identified. Perhaps a compliment? In the meanwhile, Lucas was recognised as the recipient of the First Big Screwup Award for his blunder of informing the wrong mother called Jane that her kid was brain dead. All of Sara’s organs that Mer had planned to transplant into her if she died were briefly in peril because of this since Sara had a different preference for how she would want to be planted.

Greys Anatomy Recap

Greys Anatomy: Blue eventually convinced Jane that her son was brain dead and that he should give his organs to Sara by saying that he often reflected on the lives he had helped rescue thanks to his brother’s donation. (He subsequently confessed he didn’t even have a sibling!) Nick still lets Lucas scrub in on Sara’s operation despite his almost fatal mistake. Marsh said, “Make the end of the day better than the beginning.” And Lucas did just that, citing Uncle Derek in the operating room. To save lives is a great thing to do today.