Is James Lastovic OK? (from “Days of Our Lives”) It Has Been Reported That He Is Missing

James Lastovic: When it comes to legendary soap operas, Days of Our Lives stands head and shoulders above the others because of its consistently grandiose and heart-pounding moments onscreen. One of the actors on Days of Our Lives, however, has been embroiled in some recent off-screen controversy.

Exactly what happened to James Lastovic?

After two days at the Hanalei Bay Resort in Hawaii, the actor’s mother, Lucienne Lastovic, realized that her son had not returned the rental vehicle she had arranged for him. The 27-year-old Days of Our Lives star has now been declared missing.

James Lastovic Missing

According to E! News, he also failed to make his scheduled return trip on October 9, 2022.

Do we still not know what happened to James Lastovic? It was a relief to learn that he had been located a few days later.

The good news is that James Lastovic has survived and is doing OK. According to the same E! News article, James and his roommate, Nevin Dizdari, who went to Hawaii with him, were located and are doing OK.

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After their trek at Kokee State Park, Lucienne became more worried about the couple when they didn’t return to the airport on time or return the rental vehicle. She said on Facebook that it was unlike them to merely go, as they were both “conscientious youngsters.”

The information brought such welcome comfort to poor Lucienne that you can almost hear it in her voice.

James Lastovic

His mom responded, “STAY CALM; THEY’RE OK. There’s no way to call just yet. I’ve only just touched down, but the messages are already pouring in, and they’ve reduced me to tears of joy. God bless you!! Joell Yazzolino claims that the group spent three days wandering aimlessly on the trail before they found the route back to their vehicle.”

On “Days of Our Lives,” who did James portray?

From 2015 through 2020, James Lastovic portrayed Joey Johnson on Days of Our Lives. In addition to his role in This Game’s Called Murder, released in 2021, he appeared in 10 episodes of the Netflix series Insatiable. The short film The Doghouse, which James wrote and stars in, is reportedly in post-production at this time.

Putting aside the projects, we are relieved that James Lastovic and Nevin are back home safe.