Joe Keery Net Worth: Famous for “Stranger Things” as Steve Harrington?

In this post, you’ll learn how much Joe Keery is worth and where he gets his money. Joe Keery’s family, personal life, education, work, wages, and net worth are all covered in this section.

Joe Keery, better known by his stage name Djo, is an American actor, singer, and musician. In addition to his recurring role as Steve Harrington on “Stranger Things,” Keery has been in several other television and film projects.

Name Joseph David Keery or Djo
Birth April 24, 1992, in Newburyport, Massachusetts
Profession Actor, singer, and musician
Nationality American
Relationship with Maika Monroe
Parents David Keery and Nina Keery

Joe Keery’s Education and Early Years

He was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, on April 24, 1992. David Keery was an architect, and Nina Keery was an English professor. Caroline, Lizzy, Kate, and Emma are his four sisters and brothers.

After graduating from River Valley Charter School, a Newburyport-based private Montessori school, Keery attended Newburyport High School.

Joe Keery Age At Maudslay State Park’s “Theater in the Open,” he attended a performing arts camp as a child. Then his elder sister convinced him to get into the performing business at 16 when he was in high school.

In 2014, Keery graduated from DePaul University’s Theatre School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

Joe Keery’s Professional Career Highlights

The Acting Career of Joe Keery

More than one hundred auditions were held after graduating from DePaul. Before Stranger Things, Keery appeared in ads for KFC, Domino’s, and amiable, and he appeared in episodes of Empire and Chicago Fire on television.

Cone’s first full-length film appearance was in “Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party,” an indie film.

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Keery’s big break came as Steve in the Netflix science fiction series Stranger Things. After the year, he was employed. Instead of going for the role of Jonathan, he went for the position of Steve.

Joe Keery Stranger Things

At its premiere in 2016, the program received positive reviews from critics. He was promoted from a recurring cast member to a permanent cast member for the second season of Stranger Things. Episodes for the third season aired in 2019, while those for the fourth season will be released in 2022.

Spree, a parody starring him, will be released in theatres in 2020. Walter “Keys” McKey, a game creator in the 2021 action comedy Free Guy, was a signify powerful at the box office. Cold Storage, a sci-fi action film starring Liam Neeson, was released in May 2022.

A look into Joe Keery’s music career

Besides acting, Keery also plays the guitar. “Cool Cool Cool” was the name of his band in his early twenties.

Keery was a member of the Chicago-based garage and psych-rock band Post Animal. They released their first album in October of that year. As of April 2018, the band’s second studio album, titled When I Think Of You In A Castle, was available for pre-order on Bandcamp. On the CD, he sang and played guitar.

After he stopped touring with the band in 2019, Keery split up with the group to pursue a career as an actor. “Keery released Roddy” by Djo as a solo artist on July 19, 2019.

Joe Keery Net Worth!

Keery followed up “Chateau (Feel Alright)” with the release of a new song with the same title on August 9, 2019. As of September 13, 2019, Keery’s debut album under the alias Djo was released.

A musician of a very high level who dabbles in the type of imaginative, twisted psychedelia that softly bends your brain and continuously changes around you, NME said in a positive review of the album, comparing Keery’s music to Tame Impala and Ariel Pink.

On September 9, 2020, he released his new single, “Keep Your Head Up.” In 2022, he went on a summer tour of music festivals.

As of 2022, Joe Keery’s net worth is $4 million. Acting and music are the primary sources of Keery’s wealth.

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As a result of his various parts in movies, films, television shows, and dramas, he has earned an impressive amount of money. Keery earns money through marketing and endorsing other businesses to supplement his income.

Joe Keery Net Worth

What was Joe Keery’s earning from Stranger Things?

The first season of “Stranger Things” earned Keery $10,000 each episode. As a result, the show’s first season will cost $80,000 to produce.

Stranger Things 2 compensated him $30,000 every episode, or $270,000 for the whole second season.

Keery made $250,000 each episode starting in the third season of the show, totaling $4 million in season 3 and $2.25 million in season 4’s nine episodes.

The Girlfriend of Joe Keery in 2022 is not yet known.

Maika Monroe, the stunning actress with whom Joe Keery is dating, is a fan favorite. Actors from “Stranger Things” and “Independent Day: Resurgence” have been dating since 2013.

They first met in 2017 at a gathering in Los Angeles, where they were both guests of honor. They collaborated on the film After Everything in the same year. They made their relationship public a few months later, at the premiere of Stranger Things season 2.

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When it comes to public appearances, Keery and Monroe are seldom seen apart, even when they choose not to discuss their relationship on social media.

Joe Keery

Monroe had her big break when she featured in It Follows in 2014. At the age of 13, she started kiteboarding professionally, and since then, she’s gone on to become a well-known actress in the thriller genre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Joe Keery so well-known?

As Steve Harrington in Netflix’s smash science fiction series Stranger Things (2016–present), Joe Kerry first rose to prominence. He also starred in the comedy picture Free Guy (2021).

Does Stranger Things Season 4 include Joe Keery returning?

Season 4 of Stranger Things will see the return of Joe Keery.

What is Joe Keery’s relationship status?

Joe Keery’s girlfriend, Maika Monroe, appears in the film.

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