Zombies 3 Released- Trailer Has Finally Arrived on Disney+

Released! The ‘Zombies 3’ trailer debuts on Disney+ and features blue-haired aliens.

The trailer and primary artwork for the third film in the “Zombies” series, “Zombies 3,” debuted on Disney+ on July 15.

‘Zombies 3’ Trailer Released On Disney+, Featuring Blue-Haired Aliens!!

Zombies 3 News

On August 12, Disney Channel will play a special version of the film called “Lost Song.”

‘Zombies 3’ Trailer Featured Blue-Haired Aliens from Disney-Marked TV, ‘Zombies 3’ is Directed by Paul Hohn, Written by David Light and Joseph Raso, and Produced by Walt Disney Pictures. A few of the most well-known manufacturers include Susan Farwell, Sharpen, and Raso.

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‘Zombies 3’ Cast: Who’s Returning For ‘Zombies 3’?

Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly, who played Zed and Addison in the first two Zombies movies, return for a third outing. Additionally, Trevor Tordjman will play Bucky, Chandler Kinney will play Willa, Kingston Foster will play Zoey, Carla Jeffery will play Bree, Ariel Martin will play Wynter, and Pearce Joza will play Wyatt.

Kyra Tantao is cast as A-li and James Godfrey is cast as Bonzo in the Novices. As the voice of “The Mothership,” an uninvolved but powerful UFO that brings the strangers to Earth in the new film, RuPaul is the major celebrity making their debut in Zombies.

Zombies 3 Cast

‘Zombies 3’ Plot: How Does Zombies 2 Consummation Set It Up?

Zed and Addison’s youthful relationship appeared to be in doubt when he seized jewelry that Addison felt might reveal her genuine self as a werewolf, with Seabrook High’s Prawn just around the corner.

To be fair to Disney, everything worked out in the end because Zed admitted he had been a jerk to the werewolves and apologized profusely for it. Zed apologizes to Addison after the zombies storm the Prawn with the help of the werewolves.

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A bizarre shooting star crashes in Seabrook just as Zombies 2 comes to an end, but Addison’s radio is turned on and she is awakened. As her hair begins to glow a brilliant blue, she exclaims, “Strange.” Let’s wait and see whether Addison is ever going to be an outsider. According to the official synopsis for the third film, Zed and Addison begin their last year at Seabrook High School anticipating an athletic grant that would make him the primary Zombie to attend school, while Addison is preparing for Seabrook’s most memorable international cheer-off competition.

An official announcement has been made that the film will have eight new melodic pieces, including “Outsider Invasion” as the opening track, a third version of “Sometime in the Future” for Zed and Addison, as well as “Come On Out.”

Disney+ subscribers may get the film’s advanced soundtrack on July 15, the same day the film premieres on the streaming service.


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Kyra Tantao (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) and newcomer Terry Hu (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series) have joined the cast of Zombies 3, the third part of Disney Channel’s successful Zombies film franchise.

A-Lan and A-Li will be depicted by Cornett and Tantao separately. A-Spen, a nonbinary outsider, will be played by Hu, a nonbinary performer. They arrive up in Seabrook as Zed and Addison begin their last year of high school in the town that has been transformed into a haven for monsters and humans alike. People, zombies, and werewolves are all taken aback by the sudden apparition of these mysterious aliens.

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In addition, Chandler Kinney (Willa), Pearce Joza (Wyatt), and Ariel Martin (Wynter) return as the werewolves, while Trevor Tordjman (Bucky), Carla Jeffery (Bree), and Kingston Foster (Zoey) reprise their roles as the sequel’s team promoters. On May 31, they’ll be joined by Milo Manheim (Zed) and Meg Donnelly (Addison), who was just announced as new cast members.

Zombies 3 Confirmed

For Disney Channel, the Zombies establishment has been a great success in terms of ratings. The premiere of Zombies (2018) and its spin-off (2020) ranked as the year’s top link among kids and tweens 6-11 and 9-14 years old. The senior VP of Casting for Disney Branded Television, Judy Taylor, urged people to remove roadblocks and build a strong local community.

From a script written by David Light and Joseph Raso, Zombies 3 will be directed by Paul Hoen. Raso and Suzanne Farwell are movers and shakers in their respective fields. Both Bloor Street Productions and Resonate Entertainment are involved in its development. In addition to Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly in Disney’s Zombies 3 film continuation, EW can exclusively reveal that RuPaul’s Emmy-winning Drag Race symbol has joined the cast.

Addison, the team promoter at Seabrook’s gigantic Safehaven, returns back in the melodic series as Zed, the zombie. It’s revealed that Addison is working on the school’s most memorable worldwide cheer-off while Zed considers applying for an athletic scholarship that would make him the first zombie to attend college. When RuPaul’s Mothership shows up, their plans are rerouted, and “some alternative option from the amicable contest” is stirred up, according to Disney.

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