Robin Williams- A Tribute from His Kids on the 8th Anniversary of His Death

On the eighth anniversary of his passing, Robin Williams’ children Zach Williams and Zelda Williams paid homage to their beloved father.

Zelda, 33 at the time, used the opportunity to raise awareness of the issue of suicide in honor of Robin William, who committed suicide in 2014. Zelda emphasized her point by quoting a passage from a book by the Japanese author Haruku Murakami, whose thoughts echoed her own.

Robin Williams 8th Death Anniversary

Murakami’s comments, which emphasize the value of life, imply that if a person overcomes adversity, he or she will be confused by the developed self and forget the specifics of what they did to make it through.

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Those few words conveyed exactly the right meaning. But Zelda paired the brief statement with details on a variety of programs that attempt to avoid suicide ideation.

Zelda’s excessive worry prompted her to invite readers to draw her attention to anyone who could require precise words and information about the lethal concepts and beliefs. Zelda revealed her innermost thoughts by pleading with the readers to be kind and kind to themselves, even only for a day.

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Zak, meantime, dug out an old photo of a bearded Robin Williams gazing off into the distance. In contrast to Zelda, who chose to ignore the eighth anniversary of her father’s death, Zak used the occasion to reflect on how amazing a person Robin was and to express his sadness at losing him.

Zak completed the short tribute by declaring his admiration for Robin William’s spirit, alluding to the late actor’s beard in the process.

Many people could be seen clustered around the tweet, lending shoulders for Zaka and Zelda to rest on, suggesting that the tribute moved them deeply.

The Dead Poet Society actor had Zak with his first wife Valerie Velardi and Zelda with his second wife Marsha Garces, thus they aren’t biological siblings.


The great actor, who could transform himself into a role on the spot, accepted his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and put an end to his life. However, postmortem studies noted Lewy body disease, a rare kind of dementia that negatively impacts one’s ability to think logically and rationally.

On the seventh anniversary of Robin Williams’s death, both of Robin Williams’ children were seen doing similar things; Zelda was seen raising awareness and educating people on the dangers of putting too much stock in one’s own importance and self-destruction, while Zak wrote a similar note reflecting on the time he spent with Robin Williams.

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Since Robin Williams passed away so young, Zak has dedicated his life to promoting mental health awareness and has spoken publicly about his own struggles with loss and subsequent healing.

Zak discussed his struggles with distinguishing between mourning alone and sharing the same experience with the American crowd and the rest of the globe on Apple TV’s The Me You Can’t See. When he stood on stage with Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry for an interview in 2021, he let his guard down and shared his innermost views with the audience.

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Zak said that he was oblivious to the mob’s attention and that it took about a year and a half after Robin William’s death before he could find some peace and quiet to mourn Robin Williams’s death.

Zak said he was relieved to have his bearings again and was looking forward to establishing appropriate limits wherever they were needed. To show his thanks, Zac took advantage of the situation.

Zelda was also present on January 9, 2022, after American stand-up comedian Bob Saget, best known for his portrayal of Danny Tanner on Full House, had an awful brain injury and died.

In response to Sagt’s unexpected passing, the ever-optimistic Zelda composed a letter that both praised God and expressed profound affection for Sagt, who had long since departed for his heavenly abode, lest anybody interrupt the sadness and sorrow of his family and friends.

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Zelda’s close friends and family have asked that Saget followers stop bothering them on social media. She also took the opportunity to stress the futility of invading and breaching the security of the insiders, as everyone was ultimately just a human being.