Willow- Information About Series, Including Its Premiere Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, and Where to Find It!!

Willow Release Date News: The launch of the season, which consists of eight episodes, will take place on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. New episodes will premiere every Wednesday moving forward. Willow, a film in the fantasy genre, was released by Lucasfilm before the studio found popularity with Star Wars and Indiana Jones. In comparison to its more successful sibling franchises, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, Willow was never a significant financial success at the box office.

It was George Lucas himself writing the script, and a very young Ron Howard was in charge of production. Since its release in 1988, Lucasfilm has done no further work on the Material due to its lack of remarkable success, although the Material has enjoyed the benefits of being a modern classic with a loyal fan base at that time.

When Does Willow Premiere?

Willow Release Date

In the minds of some viewers, Willow Ufgood’s story was over with the events of the first film. On the other hand, Willow has returned with a fresh mission. The narrative will continue in a unique Disney+ series with new abilities and foes, but fans will be happy to see that fan-favorite actor Warwick Davis is returning to the role.

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What Is Willow All About?

Reports have indicated that Jonathan Kasdan, who also worked on the writing for Solo, wrote the pilot episode of Willow. Bob Dolman, who wrote the script for the original film, is serving as an advisor and producer for the TV adaptation.

This TV series will feature Ron Howard, Jonathan Kasdan, and Kathleen Kennedy, all of whom have previous experience working at Lucasfilm, however, Howard will not be directing any of the episodes. Kasdan, who has worked with Howard before and co-wrote the recent Star Wars film Solo, will take on the role of producer for the project.

Genre Fantasy adventure
Starring Warwick Davis
Erin Kellyman
Ellie Bamber
Language English
Original network Disney+
Release Date 30 November 2022


Originally, Jon M. Chu, director of “The Heights” and “Crazy Rich Asians,” was set to helm the series. However, schedule conflicts forced him to resign from the series, and a new director was brought on board. Stephen Woolfenden, who directed Outlander, and Jamie Childs, who directed “His Dark Materials,” will now helm the series.

Willow 2022

Willow Release Date

The debut of Willow, a series in the Lucasfilm property, will take place on Disney+, which is owned by Lucasfilm. The launch of the season, which consists of eight episodes, will take place on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. New episodes will premiere every Wednesday moving forward.

Again, filming took place in Wales, where so much of the first film took place. Post-production work has begun on the first season of the TV show, which has wrapped filming.


As has been noted many times before, Willow would not be here if it weren’t for the guy who gave the beloved character a second chance at life. The character of Wicket that Warwick Davis brought to life in Return of the Jedi was what first brought him to Lucasfilm’s attention, and he has since featured in almost every Star Wars film. Davis, after a long career in supporting parts, was given the opportunity to assume the lead in a major, high-budget film with Willow. It is not surprising that Davis would return, considering his professed fondness for the role and his acceptance of the film’s portrayal of people with dwarfism.

Willow Cast

In addition to Davis, co-star Joanne Whalley will reprise her role as Sorsha, Bavmorda’s daughter who was initially hostile but has now become Willow’s faithful ally and protector of the baby she was carrying.

All of the new citizens of Willow’s world will be played by brand new actors. One such performer is Baptiste’s Talisa Garcia, who will also break new ground as the first trans actor cast in a Lucasfilm production. Her co-stars include Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Game of Thrones), Ellie Bamber (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms), and Tony Revolori (the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie), Dempsey Bryk (the famed Black Mirror series), and Ruby Cruz (the Mare of Easttown).

Talks On The Social Media

A specific kind of buzz was generated on social media following the publication of the Willow series’ trailer. There is no denying the fervor of the 90s film fandom, as seen by a quick perusal of their Twitter profiles. Take a look at some of the tweets tagged with #Willow for evidence.


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I’m a big fan of Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the November premiere of Willow has me the most psyched.

If they keep producing shows like Willow and Percy Jackson, I will be eternally grateful to Disney. I simply couldn’t contain my enthusiasm till November. Ahh!!”

I seriously doubt that the infamous Willow is making a comeback. Also, on Disney+! Holy Crap! All you people who were born in the ’90s, don’t you look eager? And I will admit that I am looking forward to the release of Willow.

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What To Expect From The Willow?

In the first film, Willow went on a quest to return a baby girl to her tribe after finding her close by and to protect her from the evil witch who was after her. Willow, who had previously very seldom ventured outside of his little town, found himself in a completely foreign setting.

On his journey, Willow encounters many of the vile animals and pathetic servants of the evil Queen Bavmorda, but he also creates a close group of friends who stick by him no matter what, including the proud yet endearing swordsman Madmartigan. Willow passed all of these exams with flying colors, saved the life of the newborn, and went home reenergized and interested in the magic study.

Willow Plot

We don’t know what is ahead for Willow, but we’re confident that he’ll be the same likable hero he was in the film. The footage gives the impression that the once-green magician has greatly honed and perfected his craft, presenting himself with pure quality and confidence while being courteous. The events depicted in the film are shown to have taken place decades before the events of the TV series, in which Willow now assists a young lady named Kit in her search for her stolen brother. After gathering a small number of companions, the two set off on a whole new, epic adventure.

Willow Episode Guide

Since this is the pilot episode of a brand-new Willow TV series, no one has seen any of the previous seasons and therefore knows nothing about the overall plot. However, our information suggests that there will be 8 episodes in this season.

The TV show will serve as a modern update on the classic film. Therefore, we advise that the movie be streamed first before the series.


Although it’s only a teaser, the trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the story. Instead, it quickly introduces the new characters that have been added to this imaginary universe and also brings back the old favorites.

Shorsha, played by Joanne Whalley once again, makes an appearance, while Warwick Davis, who played Willow Ufgood in the first film, plays an older version of the character who is much more adept at magic and spell casting. The late, great James Horner’s ageless, iconic theme played in the background throughout.