Khaby Lame earns an incredible sum of money from each TikTok video he uploads.

According to a recent article by the financial publication Fortune, the TikTok star Khaby Lame earns a staggering amount of money for each of his postings.

Since turning to TikTok after losing his job as a factory worker during the epidemic, Lame has become a global celebrity because of his wonderfully deadpan films responding to other TikTokers’ ludicrous ‘life hacks.

In a recent interview, Khaby Lame discussed his motivations and future goals at length, while his manager Alessandro Riggio revealed to Fortune that his client, a global celebrity, is expected to earn $10 million (£8.67m) in 2018.

Khaby Lame Earn From TikTok

How much money does Khaby Lame for each post on TikTok?

A former factory worker is now reportedly “commanding up to $750,000 (£650,000) every TikTok post,” according to the site.

During Milan Fashion Week, “Hugo Boss, a publicly listed fashion brand with a $3.7 billion market worth, just paid Lame $450,000 to appear in their show,” Fortune said.

Fortune observed a deal whereby a big Hollywood company paid Khaby Lame $750,000 for one TikTok.

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Riggio, however, provided an explanation as to why Lame is not driven by financial gain: “He was impoverished, and he doesn’t know how much he has in the bank. Nothing matters to him, and he doesn’t care about anything.

Lame chimed in: “I like making others laugh. I cherish my relations with my household members. I like my own company a lot.

His sights are fixed squarely on Hollywood, where he aspires to continue his astoundingly successful career.

Khaby Lame TikTok

Lame, who has spoken about wanting to be an actor in the past, once remarked, “My ambition is that one day we’ll win an Oscar.”

Riggio said that Lame was too famous to live like the rest of us, claiming that anytime he returned to his LA home, his followers would swarm his vehicle and physically block him from going.

Despite the fact that his Italian followers are reportedly less obsessive, Khaby Lame still likes to spend his time indoors, where he can compete against his manager in F1 simulation games and practice lines from the cartoon kids’ series Daniel Tiger.

According to Fortune, he has been “bingeing American cartoons and movies” and studying with a tutor for one hour every morning to improve his English.

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