Blair Walnuts: FAILED I paid $500 on old Kylie Jenner items and felt strangled in the jumpsuit.

Blair Walnuts: Many people who follow the KARDASHIANS are able to name every outfit worn by every member of the family.

One lady was taken aback when she found out she had paid $500 on worn Kylie Jenner clothing. While some of the items looked elegant, the woman said that others made her feel like a marshmallow.

Social media fashionista Blair (real name Blair Walnuts) has 1.4 million TikTok followers after reviewing some items she purchased from the Kardashian Kloset.

Blair Walnuts spent $500 on used Kylie Jenner clothes

She removed the three things from their boxes and smelled the garments to make sure they didn’t have any off-putting odors.

Blair Walnuts

The corset is the first item I received, Blair said.

According to Blair, the top originally sold for $250, but she only paid $195 for Kylie’s old one.

Blair Walnuts added, “It seems that she did not wear it, since the tag was still attached; nevertheless, I would not rule out the possibility that she wore it with the tag still on.”

The slack corset gaped in numerous spots, making it uncomfortable to wear.

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Blair Walnuts was unable to secure the corset, despite its tie in the back and corset-style front.

She said that the bag had opened up because the hooks weren’t strong enough.

The second item she bought had the same sizing problems as the first but was much cheaper.

Modeled by Blair, the blue top had minimal hardware and a streamlined silhouette.

Blair Walnuts proudly said, “I acquired this item for a deal.”

Blair paid $90 for a garment that normally sells for $400.


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What the heck are you talking about? $400 for this? Blair boasted while displaying the plain blue halter she was wearing. “I’m going into the design field.”

Blair’s second shirt, although fitting more tightly than the corset, slipped down her torso.

It was really difficult for her to keep this part in place, she said.

It’s incredibly bothersome because I always seem like I need someone to stroll around and grab this top and pull it up for me.

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However, the cream-colored jumpsuit Blair modeled thereafter was light years ahead of the previous two tops.

She was dressed from head to toe in the light satiny fabric, which had puffed sleeves, a high neckline, and a belted, tight waist.

I look like a marshmallow, Blair said in horror. “People keep telling me I resemble the guy from the muffin ads.”

She took dramatic gulps for oxygen while gnawing at her neck in the restrictive clothing.

Blair Walnuts spend $500

Blair Walnuts said, “This jumpsuit was a choking danger.”

Blair’s fans praised her for her confidence in trying out the extreme fashions, with some even expressing a preference for the most divisive of her ensembles.

The last one has “Star Wars vibes,” as one reviewer put it.

That would look amazing if you put your hair in a mum bun, had hoop earrings, and a pair of gold shoes said another.

Meanwhile, a different subset of Blair’s fanbase was thrilled to see how well Kylie’s ultra-slimming tops complimented Blair’s new figure.

A number of viewers commented on the first top’s high-quality fabric and how lovely the corsets were.

Blue is your color, another commenter who favored the second option noted.