Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak mocks a contestant as she attempts to think of a letter.

The newest edition of WHEEL of Fortune saw Pat Sajak losing his cool with a participant who was having trouble coming up with a letter.

A little later, the 75-year-old started making fun of the player’s strategy of pointing to the board and asking for the letters.

The Crossword Puzzle was the opening round of the game show, and Terresa was up first since she had answered the $1000 and $2000 “Toss-Up” questions correctly.

Pat Sajak gave the participant the hint “blank-taco” and let them try their luck.

She then filled up the board with guessed consonants and bought vowels, getting most of the puzzle right.

‘Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak playfully mocks contestant

Host Pat Sajak

Teressa’s propensity to linger before presenting her message seemed to anger the TV host.

In a later round, when Terresa landed on a wedge that promised her a trip to San Francisco, she seemed to pause for a long time before making her choice.

Pat Sajak warned her that she “needs a letter” and pushed her to get moving.

When Pat Sajak admonished her to “say it quickly,” the candidate shouted “T,” and Teressa was forced to apologize.

Moments later, instead of shouting out the letter, Terresa said, “I would like to have an N.”

Prompting Pat Sajak mocks her wish by saying, “She would want to have an N.”

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Pat Sajak scolded the participant, “So now what letter would you want… and don’t be buzzed out,” before the last spin, before the contestant eventually guessed incorrectly.


Pat Sajak insulted the same competitor again at the end of the program for not even coming close to completing the last challenge.

Before entering the bonus round, Terresa won $38,400 in the main game.

If Terresa had gone with “Thing” or “Event,” she wouldn’t have been given a phrase to work with; but, after picking “Phrase,” she was.

Pat Sajak

A three-word phrase with four letters in the first word, three letters in the second, and five letters in the third was shown on the board.

After being shown the letters “T,” “E,” and “N,” the competitor guessed wrongly on “G,” “H,” “P,” and “O.”

After exhausting all other avenues of inquiry, she was given ten seconds to make an educated estimate.

Pat Sajak put it best when she said, “It would be a fairly amazing solution,” referring to her ability to properly identify the statement.

You could have stood here till the next ice age and tried, you weren’t going to grab it,” Pat blasted after the contestant fumbled many times and finally gave up.

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The words “cute and fluffy” were then spelled out on the board.

He then tried to lessen the impact by saying, “I’m a bit emotional since that was my nickname in high school.”


After a picture of the Wheel of Fortune presenter standing with a divisive figure went viral, it seems Pat is done trying to make everyone happy.

In the days leading up to the event, a photograph of Pat with Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, 48, went viral on the internet.

A lot of Pat’s supporters lost interest once they saw him in a photo with Marjorie, who is renowned for her extreme right-wing beliefs and promotion of conspiracy theories.

Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak

The photograph had been shot earlier this month, but it only became nationally newsworthy after being re-posted on Twitter.

A person on Twitter said, “Oh guy… “Alright, that’s it, no more WOF!”

I will never watch that program again, wrote someone another.

After watching this, I would never watch it again with my spouse and children, as a third devotee said.

In contrast, a fourth user said, “Well, I just lost all respect for him now. He made a mad dash towards the unknown.