The Serpent Queen Episode 3: Why Catherine Made a “Ruthless” Decision, as Explained by Liv Hill

‘The Price,’ The Serpent Queen Episode 3, might be seen as Catherine de’ Mecidi’s backstory. She must choose between saving herself and the atelier Sebastio, one of her most trusted friends (Adam Garcia). Following his unexpected death, the court concludes that the Dauphin (Louis Landau) was poisoned. Catherine does little to prevent Sebastio from being used as a scapegoat.

When Catherine betrays Sebastio, why does she do it? Furthermore, what does this portend for the continuation of The Serpent Queen?

The Serpent Queen Episode 3: In the “present day” Serpent Queen narrative, Queen Catherine (Samantha Morton) is a smart and vicious queen, but thus far the younger Catherine (Liv Hill) has been a relatively helpless pawn. She is from a regular family, but she’s married to the foreign king’s second son and they can’t seem to have children. She lacks her husband Prince Henry’s (Alex Heath) complete heart more than anything else, however. Diane de Poitiers, a cunning older socialite, has already taken control of that (Ludivine Sagnier).

The Serpent Queen Episode 3 Ending Explained

The Serpent Queen

The Serpent Queen Episode 3: Catherine has hit a brick ceiling. After being almost slain by hired thugs and suffering through the arrival of Prince Henry’s new lover and bastard, she seeks solace from the Italian mystic Ruggeri (Enzo Cilenti). She tells Ruggeri that she and he must conceive. When the time is right, he assures her, she will have to make a decision. There is a cost, he warns, “that you may decide not to pay, but that, if paid, would bring you the desired results.”

In addition to his caution, Ruggeri provides her a book on the topic of poison mushrooms with the caveat, “It could come in helpful.”

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The Serpent Queen Episode 3: In the end, Catherine forgets the book in her tailor’s workshop, where Sebastio is working on a new frock. The Dauphin passes away abruptly from natural causes not long thereafter, while playing racquetball with his younger and more powerful brother, Henry. However, Sebastio is suspected of having a hand in Dauphin’s murder for two reasons. One, just before the celebration, a bored Catherine sends for him to get the prince some wine. Someone else? Sebastio’s workspace features Ruggeri’s tome on deadly fungi.

Catherine refuses Sebastio’s request to speak out on his behalf. The seamstress suffers the medieval punishment for regicide, which consisted of four horses tearing him to pieces.

Then why would Catherine betray her first real friend? How did Hill feel throughout that moment?

However, Liv Hill acknowledged that her character was still up for debate, saying, “I believe it was the first act she probably performed that was a reason why she gained her vicious image.”

Hill also said that she filmed the scene when she witnesses Sebastio’s death twice.

The Serpent Queen Episode 3 Ending

The Serpent Queen Episode 3: When we did it for the first time, it was more exposing and it came from a position of desperation. When we repeated the process, it was still distressing, but we were able to see it from a more objective perspective. Personally, I thought she was able to control her feelings. This was a fight to the death. Hill said that it was intriguing that they could go back and forth between the two during post-production.

The Serpent Queen Episode 3: That seems like it would have been a very tough choice for me. But then again, that’s the cutoff, right? In all honesty, however, can you blame her for trying to keep herself alive? Have you done the same thing in the situation? Understanding her is the central mystery of the whole series.

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Interestingly, Catherine finds out she is pregnant just after Sebastio is murdered. Is that what it cost her in the end? Was everything just a horrible coincidence, or?