Hot Take The Depp Heard Trial Trailer Released; Trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to be Adapted into Film.

Hot Take The Depp Heard Trial: Less than four months after the verdict in the high-profile trial between ex-lovers Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was announced, a teaser for the future film adaption of the case was released.

According to reports from June of this year, Heard, 36, was found guilty of defaming Depp, 59, and he was granted $10 million (£9.27 million) in compensatory damages and another $5 million (£4.64 million) in punitive penalties.

After being sued by her ex-husband for an op-ed she published in 2018 on her experiences with domestic abuse, Heard filed three defamation countersuit claims against Depp. She won one of these claims and was granted $2m (£1.85m).

Hot Take The Depp Heard Trial Trailer:

Depp’s legal team said the article’s insinuation that Depp had been physically and sexually violent to his ex-wife, which he disputed, was based on anonymous sources and thus defamatory.

Later, Heard countersued, alleging that Depp libelled her by labelling her a liar and asking for $100 million (£92.8 million) in damages.

A trailer for Tubi’s film on the trial, dubbed Hot Take The Depp Heard Trial, has been made available on the content platform and streaming service’s website.

Hot Take The Depp Heard Trial: Please stand. Someone announces, “Court is now in session,” and the trailer cuts to dramatic music and up-close views of Megan Davis (Heard) and Mark Hapka (Depp) dressed for court.

In a court scene, the actor representing Depp’s lawyer states, “Miss Heard has defamed Mr Depp by labelling him an abuser.”

In another scene, the actor portraying Depp turns to a buddy and says, “See dude, look what she said about me,” presumably referring to the aforementioned piece in the Washington Post.

Hot Take The Depp Heard Trial

A reporter updating her audience on the trial says that it is the first day and that there are supporters on “both sides,” but that there is “obviously a favourite here.”

Hot Take The Depp Heard Trial: In one courtroom scene, Davis Heard describes how “scared” she was when Depp’s “drug usage and medicine” became “so severe,” as Depp’s character is seen nakedly dousing himself in a bath and shooting up.

A critic of Heard’s states in a social media video, “Girl simply wants some attention,” before Depp’s character adds, “It didn’t happen.”

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The teaser makes mention of James Franco after a video of him seeing Amber Heard in 2016 — just around the time she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp — was disclosed in court.

Do you feel the same way about him? Depp is asked this by Heard in the teaser.

Both Depp and Heard look exhausted by the trial as it proceeds, with Depp eventually saying, “This is my life,” in court. In other words, “no one should have to go through this.”

Heard adds, “I’m so weary of this,” as she exits the courtroom. Sorry, but I just can’t keep doing this.

Amber Heard trial

Hot Take The Depp Heard Trial: With her head buried in her hands, Davis sobs on a bed while her Heard character says in a voiceover, “I have the right to speak what happened to me.”

Depp’s character in Hapka yells, “Listen to her falsehoods, her accusations,” as the camera cuts to numerous scenes of a slamming door and Heard running down the stairs.

To conclude the teaser, we see Depp smoking a cigarette in the back of a vehicle while saying, “Can’t wait to see what’s next.”

After seeing the teaser, a number of YouTube users questioned whether the movie was even necessary, given that the trial had concluded just a few months before.

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One commenter put it this way: “The only Hot Take The Depp Heard Trial here is the fact I’d rather re-watch six weeks of free, unedited court video than any money-milking, exaggerated academic project.”

Others voiced their disapproval, saying things like, “C’mon, we have all just watched the original less than 6 months ago, who needs a remake?” or “The movie nobody believed they needed and… they’d be right.”