Chicago PD Recap: when Ruzek last season invited Burgess to share an apartment with him?

Do you recall last year when Ruzek extended an invitation to Burgess to move in with him? This week’s Chicago PD episode answered that issue, but not before the team went on the hunt for an escaped inmate thanks to Intelligence’s newest case.

PROBABLE CAUSE | In an appeal hearing, Ruzek testified that he had unlawfully searched the defendant’s home and planted the pistol that got him sent to jail. Even though the court sided with Ruzek, he was nonetheless hurt by the slur against him. To make matters worse, just before the judgment, Burgess had informed him that he should not worry about anything related to the pistol being in plain sight. Although she meant no harm by it, he took it to indicate that she didn’t have faith in him.

Chicago PD Recap: Wilkin, the accused, escaped from his jail transport and held a guard hostage, which only made matters worse. However, surveillance video exposed the guard, a woman called Tiana, as being in league with Wilkin after the two had begun an intimate connection.

Chicago PD Recap: Burgess’ Big Decision

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Chicago PD: Halstead urged Upton not to worry about the fact that Voight and Halstead weren’t there for Intelligence’s first briefing on the matter.

The police were able to catch Tiana, and later they tracked down Wilkin, who had shot a 10-year-old girl while attempting to steal a getaway vehicle. By giving the little girl the miniature horse figure Makayla had given to him, Ruzek hoped to ease her fears. The girl, who looked strikingly like Makayla, died at the scene, but all he and Burgess could do was watch.

Chicago PD Recap: Intelligence was able to identify a possible conspirator in Torres. When the guy opened the door, Burgess and Ruzek saw a firearm concealed in a duffel bag. Despite Burgess’s best efforts, Ruzek was not convinced that they should relocate there. But Burgess did not care about his doubts, and she reported what she had seen to the squad before knocking the door down. There was a gun, and she was correct about that, but Wilkin had already fled.

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Wilkin ran away to the bus station, and Burgess followed him there. They finally met up in the bus’s restroom. When he fired, she returned fire and promptly ended his life. No further action is required.

In Chicago PD: After that, Upton went up to Halstead and asked him about his absence. Halstead informed her that they had Voight’s sutures secretly patched up by his brother at Chicago Med so that the sergeant wouldn’t be sidelined. Will told her they were in Chicago. Since what they were doing was legally unlawful, he preferred to keep her away from the situation. Later that night, when he was out with Voight, she was left alone in their apartment. Could you tell me whether they’re okay?

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Chicago PD Recap: While Burgess had some suggestions for Ruzek’s patio, he completed building Makayla’s birdhouse. The house desperately required both electricity and… a family. Burgess did really end up moving in with him. She also conceded that her earlier assessment of him as too unstable for Makayla was incorrect.

She reassured him that they were a good match and that he could feel secure with her. “Adam, I have faith in you. I do. And I apologize if that hasn’t always been how you felt.

At the end of the hour, the two were sitting pretty close together, with Burgess in Ruzek’s arms while he drank his drink.