As part of South Korea’s World Expo bid, the band BTS will perform a free performance for the public.

After announcing their hiatus from performing together four months ago, K-pop supergroup BTS will rejoin this Saturday to deliver a free performance in Busan in support of South Korea’s quest to host the World Expo.

The municipal administration of Busan has estimated that the “BTS in BUSAN” concert and associated activities would bring in the neighbourhood of 100,000 fans from all over the globe.

In addition to bringing in millions of dollars to the South Korean economy, the worldwide superstars also helped their record company see a profit increase despite the fact that they performed fewer concerts than usual due to the epidemic.

The event is happening despite the group’s shocking June revelation that they were disbanding to focus on single careers.

BTS to hold a free concert to promote S. Korea

BTS to hold Free Concert

A month after the first announcement, the government of Busan officially named the celebrities as the official ambassadors for the city’s bid to host the World Expo in 2030.

A total of four nations, including the South, Ukraine, Italy, and Saudi Arabia, have applied to host the exhibition.

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In 2019, the Bureau International des Expositions will cast its vote to choose the winning host country.

The stars of BTS, whose ages range from Jungkook 25 to Jin 29 and who must join up by next year or face prison time, all had to deal with the spectre of South Korea’s required military service as they prepared for Saturday’s huge event.

Because of the ongoing state of conflict with nuclear-armed North Korea, all able-bodied South Korean males under the age of 30 are required to serve in the military for around two years.

South Korea World Expo

In August, Seoul’s defence minister said that, despite serving in the military, BTS could be able to continue performing and rehearsing for foreign performances.

The band’s members have been vocal supporters of progressive issues outside music, including the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight against anti-Asian prejudice in the United States.