See Francisco Lindor Daughter Baby Steal the Show at the Media Event

Francisco Lindor Daughter is a show-stopper in the mould of Riley Curry. New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores brought his daughter Kalina to the postgame news conference on October 8 against the San Diego Padres.

Kalina reportedly has a crush on Buck Showalter, manager of the Mets, and she shouted his name during the postgame interview. Buck!” she exclaimed from Lindor’s lap. “Yep, buck. Buck has now departed. Buck is her favourite, “Lindor revealed, and the reporters in the room could be heard laughing. It’s “safe to assume” that Francisco Lindor daughter enjoys “Buck,” as the official MLB account tweeted.

Francisco Lindor daughter Steal the Attention at a Press Conference

Many famous people attended the wild-card series game at Citi Field, including actress Emma Stone and her husband, actor Dave McCary, who was booed for supporting the other team, the Padres. Stone, upon seeing herself on the giant screen, shrugged her shoulders and made no other expression.

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Kalina was born to Lindor and his wife, Katia Reguero Lindor, in late 2020. A year later, their daughter attended the couple’s wedding in Miami. Since then, they’ve had many tender moments together, like when Lindor posted a preseason picture of his family on the field in April.

Francisco Lindor Daughter

He ended the letter with the words, “Mis spring training favoritos son con Ustedes,” which may be translated as “My favourite spring training is with you.” Recent family posts have included an appeal for contributions to help the Lindors’ homeland Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Fiona.