After Domestic Violence Incident, Robert Downey Jr.’s Co-Star Terrence Howard Almost Became a Jehovah’s Witness.

When Terrence Howard was a young man, he experienced nothing but ups and downs on the proverbial roller coaster of life. The Hustle & Flow star discussed his own challenges and the times he has played the antagonist in other people’s narratives.

A few years ago, in the 2017 edition of People, Terrence Howard revealed the gruesome circumstances of his life. Furthermore, his tale is a fascinating read.

In doing so, Terrence Howard shed light on some of the worst periods of his life.

His upbringing had been rough, and as a youngster, he had to endure a number of traumatic events.

Robert Downey Jr’s Co-Star Terrence Howard Almost Became a Jehovah’s Witness

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard said that the trauma he had experienced as a child had a profound effect on his adulthood, changing him into a person he had never known. ‘I was carrying around emotional and physical weight that was stifling me,’ he said.

The actor had a rough upbringing, including being abused by his father at a young age and living in poverty. I got a daily whipping from my dad until I was 14,” he claimed. In addition, when Howard was just two years old, he saw his father stab a guy in a Cleveland shopping center.

The Prisoners actor went on to explain how his childhood experiences influenced his adulthood, calling his actions a reflection of the brutality he saw.

In an interview, Terrence Howard discussed an instance of domestic violence he had been involved in.

The actor who portrays James Rhodes in the 2008 film Iron Man has admitted to abusing the women in his life.

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He confessed to striking his first wife Lori McCommas back in 2001. And in 2013, Howard’s second wife, Michelle Ghent, filed for a restraining order against him, stating that he had not only physically abused her but also threatened to take her life. However, the actor from The Best Man said he acted in self-defense during the event in 2013.

The 53-year-old turned to deep self-reflection after experiencing such terrible events. Howard said, “I was reared thinking the male is in command.” But I’ve come to see that marriage really should be a 50/50 relationship.

Actor Terrence Howard

It seems like Howard entered his third marriage with the mindset of a changed guy who still has the opportunity to develop and improve. “Two weeks after meeting Mira, I packed up items related to my past, located a lovely hill, and buried them all there,” he said.

After meeting his third wife, Miranda Pak, in 2013, he abandoned his religious views and began looking for “truth” in the natural world and scientific research.

Together, Terrence Howard and Mira enjoyed a wonderful marriage. Pak Howard tied the knot with his third wife in 2013; the two of them now have two boys.

After being with Mira for a while, he felt she had “settled” him down. He said he still had “developing to do.” He finally admitted that he was making errors, but hoped they were “smarter ones” going forward. After two years of marriage, Howard and Pak split up in 2015. Two years later, in 2018, they announced their engagement again.

The Hollywood actor is now touring without any speculations of a romance or marriage and will be appearing in The System with Lil Yachty and Tyrese Gibson in 2022.