G Herbo’s Show at Clark Atlanta University Disrupted by Gunfire

While G Herbo was performing at Clark Atlanta University‘s homecoming, shots rang out.

A new TikTok video (see below) seems to show the Chicago native, 27, having fun onstage moments before the purported gunfire.

As people start to leave, the camera does a downward pan. Several voices can be heard in the background yelling, “Get down” and “keep down.”

Gunfire Erupts During G Herbo’s Performance

To this day, there have been no reports of any casualties or injuries.

A recent Instagram post by the father of three was a collection of interviews with the message, “THIS CHAPTER BOUT MANNING UP & ACCOUNTABILITY!! YOU’LL NEVER BE THE BOSS IF YOU HAVE LITTLE BOY THOUGHTS!”

One of the most terrifying aspects of Halloween Ends is its Rotten Tomatoes rating.

In an appearance on The Breakfast Club earlier this week, the Survivor’s Remorse: B Side artist spoke out on what it’s like to “enjoy triumphs while still being tormented by prior suffering.” He went into detail about the challenges he had in doing so but said it was necessary.

G Herbo’s Performance

That’s what I mean by survivor guilt.’ After a ten-year lapse. Yes, Charlamagne, that’s what I’m getting at. Herbo once said, “I’ve never really been able to enjoy my successes, forreal, and that’s probably why I’m so modest; I don’t live in the moment.

Weekend-long celebrations are planned for CAU’s return.

This is an evolving tale.


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