James Brown says sorry to his parents after a sex tape of him becomes viral.

James Brown, a transgender man, has expressed regret to his father for the leaked film showing his sexual encounters with other men.

The social media star became a viral sensation earlier in the week when a video of him in his bedroom went viral.

The “Princess of Africa” recently tweeted her father’s response to the hacked video and vowed to improve and never give up in front of him.

James Brown apologizes to his dad following leaked video

James Brown Video Leak

James Brown Srreaction .’s was to state that the experience raised his blood pressure and to warn his son to be cautious around dangerous people.

James Brown expressed his regret for putting his father through this ordeal on Twitter: “I am sorry Dad I understand your sorrow I promise to come back strong and powerful I will not give up because you thought never to give up am so sorry I put through all this.”

James Brown said in another post that the release of his bedroom video had made him depressed and kept him up at night.

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For some reason, I keep having nightmares. I’ve been feeling low, exhausted, and dejected for the first time in a long while. Has this been the result?

The social media star became a viral sensation earlier in the week when a leaked video showed him engaging in sexual activity. The film, which was first posted on Snapchat, is now making the rounds on Twitter and other social media.

James Brown apologizes

In addition, numerous online users have dredged out old interviews in which James Brown openly discussed his HIV status after seeing photos of him engaging in unprotected copulation.