In the wake of James Corden’s temporary restaurant ban, comparisons to Ellen DeGeneres have surfaced.

As news spread that James Corden had been temporarily barred from a New York City restaurant for his allegedly “abusive” and “nasty” conduct toward workers, comparisons to Ellen DeGeneres began to surface online.

On Monday, restaurant owner Keith McNally said that he has banned The Late Late Show with James Corden presenter, 44, from his SoHo restaurant Balthazar due to complaints from the employees.

McNally referred to Corden as a “little Cretin of a guy” in an Instagram post, adding that he was “the rudest client to my Balthazar workers since the restaurant began 25 years ago.”

James Corden Compared to Ellen DeGeneres Amid Brief Restaurant Ban

James Corden Restaurant Ban

McNally continued by citing two instances of Corden’s allegedly rude behaviour. McNally went back on Instagram several hours after his first post to say that the ban had been removed when Corden phoned him and “apologised sincerely.”

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Despite McNally’s assurances that everything was OK, a number of Twitter users have come together to discuss their alleged encounters with the TV star, with some even drawing parallels to the days of the late Ellen DeGeneres.

In July 2020, Buzzfeed News released an article including various complaints concerning the hostile working conditions on DeGeneres’ programme.

James Corden Compared to Ellen DeGeneres

Some famous people were likewise harsh with their criticism of her.

DeGeneres addressed the rumours in a segment at the beginning of season 18 of the programme in September 2020, saying, “I realised that things happen here that never should have occurred. I take that very seriously, and I want to say I am very sorry to the individuals who were harmed.”

Sam Stryker, Twitter’s head of entertainment content, posted screenshots of McNally’s remarks and prior social media postings regarding purported contacts with Corden.

Actor Kenneth Robert Marlo, whose voice was used in a number of animated shorts, has spoken up with his own allegations against the talk show host among the many incidents that have surfaced online.

Considering how James Corden handled employees and customers at the Broadway home Marlo oversaw many years ago, she was shocked that he hadn’t been barred from more establishments than just Balthazar’s. “Let the decline begin, you absolutely horrible, wretched, miserable little guy.”

Meanwhile, another Twitter user explained why James Corden was mentioned in conversations about Ellen’s terrible performance: “I remember when people were chatting about how bad Ellen was off camera, and one of the names that kept coming up was James Corden.

He is and has always been the male Ellen. Nobody listens until something like this gets public, comedian Josh Macuga stated in response to the internet outcry.

Social media users jumped on the Twitter thread, adding a number of posts from a year ago claiming unpleasant conduct on Corden’s behalf.

McNally initially posted about the current incident on Instagram, including a manager’s report from June in which it was reported that Corden had shown a hair that had been in his dish to an apologetic senior staff member. Reports state that Corden was “very rude” to the restaurant manager.

According to the allegation, Corden then said, “Get us another round of drinks this second. And also take care of all of our beverages so far.” McNally claimed that Corden reportedly threatened to write “bad reviews” about the restaurant on the internet.


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A second complaint dated October 9 by a manager states that Corden complained to a waitress about the amount of egg yolk in his wife’s omelette. Instead of the salad that was requested, home fries were served with the recreated entrée.

According to McNally’s Instagram post, “James Corden then started ranting like mad at the waiter, “You can’t do your job! Maybe I should walk into the kitchen and prepare the omelette myself!”

Apparently, “everything was good. [The manager] gave them complimentary Champagne glasses to smooth things over,” as reported by McNally, after the server apologised, brought the floor manager to Corden’s table, and returned the dish again.


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