Rich Boy, Known for His Hit Single “Throw Some D’s,” Arrested on DV Charges

Mobile, Alabama native and “Throw Some D’s” kingpin Marece “Rich Boy” Richards has been taken into custody. According to NBC 15, the artist was arrested on domestic violence, harassment, and assault charges after an alleged fight with his parents on September 30.

It’s still not apparent what happened. Online video purportedly showing a shirtless Rich Boy wearing shorts and wielding long-handled loppers was circulating, according to The origin of the video that seems to show Richards in a conflict and its apparent connection to his arrest on Friday are both mysteries. However, booking records show that Richards was taken into custody on several accusations on Friday, including two counts of third-degree domestic abuse, one for harassment and one for assault. As of Sunday morning, he was still behind bars. The circumstances behind the rapper’s arrest remain murky.

Rapper Rich Boy Arrested

Rich Boy Gets Arrested And Sparks Concern

This is not Richards’ first brush with the law; in 2008, Rich Boy was sued in civil court for an event that occurred in 2005, when a bullet fragment fired from a Cadillac driven by Richards and inhabited by his brother, Irvin O. Richards Jr., struck an accountant and caused him injury. Rapper Ricahrds got probation after pleading guilty to attempted assault, while his brother received a 10-year term.

Years later, however, the accountant brought a civil claim, and in 2008, a jury awarded the accountant $312,500 in punitive damages and $25,000. These amounts were awarded against Richards and his brother. Since then, collecting on the ruling has been the subject of a heated legal battle that has lasted years.

Is “Dexter New Blood Season 2” in the works? As Gary Levine of Showtime puts it, “It’s Too Soon to Say.”

Richards’s fellow artists have rallied behind him after his latest arrest; one of them, rapper Bianca Clarke, said on social media, “Sending love to our local hero!” Elric Jerel Simon, who acts and records as Rellik, writes, “It’s remarkable how quiet everyone becomes when you shut them speaking. If you show any signs of being in distress or absent from your usual surroundings, however, your name will become as familiar as a bell to the people around you. All my love and prayers are with you, Rich.”

'Throw Some D's' Rapper Rich Boy

Rich Boy, or Richards, is a rapper with many albums out. However, his breakthrough came in 2006 with the release of “Throw Some D’s,” the first song off his self-titled debut album, which became a Top 10 success. In addition to “Boy Looka Here,” “Good Tings,” and “Let’s Get This Paper,” the album also included those songs as singles. His second album, Break the Pot, was released in 2013. It had guest performances from Maino, Mista Raja, Bobby V, Doe B, Playboi Lo, and Smash, and included the songs “Drop” and “Pimp On.” The year 2015 saw the release of his third full-length album, Featuring.