Selah Marley Defends Wearing Kanye’s ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt

Apologetically, Selah Marley is not sorry.

The 23-year-old is taking flak for her participation in Kanye West’s YZY SZN 9 show in Paris. Selah Marley walked the runway in Ye’s controversial “White Lives Matter” shirt, which has been roundly criticized by activists, artists, fashion experts, fans, and more. Selah Marley is the daughter of Lauryn Hill and the granddaughter of Bob Marley. The Black Lives Matter movement was initially a protest against anti-Black violence and police brutality, and its critics have said that the phrase is a contemptuous rebuttal to that cause.

Bob Marley’s Granddaughter Selah Marley Responds To Backlash For “White Lives Matter” Shirt

Many people on the internet criticized Marley for wearing the shirt, saying it was an insult to her family, who has worked tirelessly for decades to promote racial equality.

Tuesday, Selah Marley posted a series of Instagram Stories in which she addressed the controversy and asserted that she would not be “bullied” into submission.

‘The last 24 hours have shown me that most of y’all are caught in a hive mind mindset,’ she added. You think and act in accordance with the consensus of the group. When you see someone defy “the agenda,” you fear and do whatever it takes to put them back where you think they belong.

Lauryn Hill Daughter Selah Marley

The victim becomes into the abuser, she continued. I will not be intimidated, manipulated, or silenced in any way. You also won’t intimidate me into conforming to your expectations. No amount of tweets, direct messages or articles will change my mind. Despite all that has happened, I have kept silent about my own personal experience. Those who know me well understand that I never act hastily or without careful consideration. I have something to say, and you won’t believe it until you hear it.

The rapper Diddy has accused Ma$e of being a fake pastor and that he owes him $3 million.

Selah Marley also showed Ye a copy of a text message she had just written to him. Marley admitted the backlash to the shirt and suggested they “continue that dialogue” to explain themselves.

I am all for taking chances and embracing freedom, she added, “but I believe we can continue to share the depth behind our actions to reflect the purity of our intentions and give healing to our community.”

With the words, “Let’s keep this going—in a healthy manner,” she ended the message.

Lauryn Hill Daughter

Kanye re-uploaded the screenshot to his Stories since he sampled Lauryn Hill on Donda and also included a track titled “Selah” on his previous album. There has been no word on whether or whether the suggested talk would really take place, or even when. Selah Marley came full circle on Wednesday night, posting a shot on Instagram with the song “N***as in Paris” playing in the background.