Chris Rock allegedly told an Arizona crowd that he was approached to host the Oscars but rejected.

According to a local newspaper, Chris Rock compared it to visiting the site of a crime.

It has been claimed that Chris Rock, who was memorably slapped by actor Will Smith during the 2022 Oscars event, informed an audience in Phoenix that he had been given the position of presenting the 2023 Academy Awards but declined it.

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Will Smith Post Slap Comeback- Supposed To Make His Second Appearance In ‘I Am Legend 2’

Will Smith Post Slap Comeback: Will Smith became the most talked-about name in the headlines of nearly all publications after his hard-core Slap on the Oscar stage. In addition, he became a familiar figure on the news networks for a number of days in a row. Due to the quick reaction on such a large platform, things got worse for the career of this outstanding musician. The audience had a variety of feelings about the presentation. Some people defended his conduct, but the majority felt it was inappropriate for him to behave in such a rude manner at an event like the Academy Awards.

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Tyler Perry Said “He Couldn’t Believe He Did It” Recalling Will Smith Slap!

Tyler Perry News: When one of the most excellent musicians slapped the Oscars stage, it caused a seismic shift in the cultural landscape.

Following an extended period of quiet, Tyler Perry finally spoke about this subject. After the event, he stated that Will Smith was in a nasty mood after the event. Furthermore, the well-known actor was shocked when he saw the news the following day.

Smith was amazed by Smith’s outlandish actions in public. For a talented artist like Will Smith to Slap, someone on the Oscars stage was a tragedy.

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